SENCOM® PC Software and IB100 Interface Box

The SENCOM® PC Software, SPS24, offers a unique means to optimize the performance of pH/ORP sensors for enhanced reliability and process safety. The software allows the operator to monitor pH/ORP sensor performance, calibrate and configure various parameters.

  • Ability to calibrate up to 4 sensors at one time
  • Monitor sensor aging in real-time with the Sensor Wellness feature
  • Reference impedance measurement for early detection of diaphragm clogging
  • Predictive calibration/maintenance using advanced sensor diagnostics
  • No need for sensor configuration at the transmitter, pre-configure in the lab for auto upload
  • Individualized password protected user accounts
  • Reliable transfer of digital signals without disturbance of external sources

SPS24 can communicate and keep track of data for up to 100 different SENCOM® sensors and allows for manual input of data of traditional pH/ORP sensors. Simply connect your SENCOM® sensor to Interface Box via bluetooth to your PC and get access to intuitive analysis, sensor configuration, calibration information and documentation applications.

SPS24 allows complete control of the procedure during a pH/ORP sensor calibration, ensuring the highest accuracy every time by allowing the user to either re-use or discard a sensor based on the real-time sensor information before reinstallation into the process. The calibration information is collected and can be managed, analyzed and documented consistently to satisfy regulatory documentation requirements. The SPS24 PC Software offers various data export possibilities to guarantee protection of sensor history information in order to manage the sensor over its entire life cycle.


Interface Box with Bluetooth Connection

The IB 100 interface box is an interface box for creating a connection between Sencom Smart Sensor and a PC running the SPS24 calibration and maintenance software.




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