VJET Ethernet/RS-485 Converter

The VJET Ethernet/RS-485 converter is a compact, plug-in type communication converter that uses the Modbus/TCP protocol for connecting to host devices with Ethernet capability, and uses the Modbus/RTU protocol for connecting to devices with the with RS-485 communication function. Using VJET in combination with signal conditioners supporting multiple input types, you can quickly create a wire-saving, low-cost monitoring system that can monitor signals from multiple production facilities distributed over a wide field. In addition, the VJCE-01A mounting base for communication is available as an accessory for the VJ series of compact plug-in signal conditioners.


  • Mounting width 29.5 mm, occupies a minimal amount of space (designed either for DIN-rail or wall mounting)
  • Up to 31 devices can be connected via Ethernet (connects with JUXTA signal conditioners, Green series controllers, and Powercert Power Monitors)
  • Uses existing LAN for monitoring through existing network lines
  • DAQWORX can be introduced as monitoring and acquisition software
  • Worldwide power supply (24 VDC, 100-240 VAC/DC)



With advances in process automation comes a greater need for level measurement and control. As pressure on at the bottom surface of a liquid is proportional to the height of the liquid's surface, you can measure pressure using a differential pressure transmitter to detect the level of the liquid, acquire the data on the UT75A Digital Indicating Controller, and use the measurements to control the tank level.


Taking advantage of sensors already available in your system, you can simply add VJ series signal conditioners or the UM33A Digital Indicator with Alarms to easily build a monitoring system on a PC.


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