Power and Energy Meter PR720

1 unit, 2 roles: An energy saving monitor and power equipment meter

The PR720 is a Switch Board mount power monitor that accurately meets two needs: power equipment metering and energy saving monitoring.
It supports embedded installation in facilities that promote energy saving such as switchboards and generators in factories, buildings, offices, schools, and large stores.

  • Easy-to-read bar graph display, and numeric display of any 4 elements simultaneously
  • Multi-measurement centralizes conventional analog meters into a single unit
  • Switchable from single-phase 2-wire to 3-phase 3-wire, with a universal design supply voltage that shares both AD and DC
  • Demand monitoring function comes standard for efficient monitoring of power demand
  • Communication function supports a variety of networks

* VJET signal conditioner is required for Ethernet connection.
*920 MHz wireless connection requires the UPM or UTA with a wireless function.

4 Features


Multimeter and 4 element simultaneous display

Display any 4 measuring elements and together on the LCD.
Simultaneously monitor measured values from three-phase circuits such as three-phase current/voltage. One unit can replace multiple meters, greatly reducing cost, space, and wiring.

Multimeter and 4 element simultaneous display

Also measures reactive power, demand current, demand power, and other values, and comes with pulse output and communication output functions.


Improved visibility

Easy-to-read bar graph display, and numeric display of any 4 elements simultaneously.
Compatible with conventional 110-square mechanical meters. No need to redesign the mounting panel.

Display and Operation
Image Zoom

Improved visibility


PR720 as a Three-phase Three-wire System

Power monitoring even more efficient with demand alarm and communication function

Increased power monitoring efficiency by condensing these functions into a single unit: watt hour integral pulse output, alarm output of demand current/demand power, RS-485 communication (Modbus), and others.



Power supply: 100–240 VAC and 80–143 VDC (both AC and DC uses)
Input specifications: Use parameters to switch between single-phase two-wire, single-phase three-wire, and three-phase three-wire


Communication RS-485 Communication Protocol Modbus/RTU
Connection Method Multi-drop connection
Communication distance Maximum 1,000 m
Baud Rate 4800, 9600,19200, 38400 bps
Maximum Number of Connected Units 31 units/Line
Integrated Monitoring Software Data Logging Software GA10
Power supply AC 85 to 264V 50/60 Hz 10 VA, DC 80 to 143V 6 W


Example of Connection Diagram

Example of Connection Diagram


External Dimensions/Panel Cutout Dimensions

External Dimensions, Panel Cutout Dimensions



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