ADMAG AE Magnetic Flowmeter (ODWOŁANE)

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ADMAG AE is the Advanced Engineering designed magnetic flowmeter, evolved from the field proven ADMAG series. ADMAG AE has a dual compartment housing providing ease of wiring while isolating the electronics from the environment. ADMAG AE continues the use of dual frequency excitation, which provides quick response and noise free output. ADMAG AE excitation method and a ceramic lining allow this magnetic flowmeter to be applied to an even greater range of applications.

  • Fast response and high stability by our unique Dual Frequency Excitation method.
  • High Accuracy, 0.5% of flowrate.
  • Dual compartment housing separates the wiring section from the electronics and protects the electronics from corrosive environments.
  • AC/DC power supply common use (100/200V).
  • Commonly available 4-conductor cables used for 24V DC version.
  • High visibility backlit LCD for easy operation.
  • 99.9% ultra high purity alumina ceramic lining.
  • An integral leak-proof Pt Alumina cermet electrode is used on flow tubes with ceramic liners.
  • Conform to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC

The new digester magmeter enabled accurate and stable flow measurement of the black liquor circulation line, helping the user to stabilize the cooking degree that determines the quality of the chip digesting process.

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