Draft Pressure

A common application for a Draft Pressure transmitters are in air handling systems.

Yokogawa uses their digital DPharp sensor to design a transmitter for this specific application.

Which Series is Right for You?

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  • EJA120E

    Traditional-mount Differential Pressure Transmitter designed for Draft Range applications based on the EJA-E Series.

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Which Series is Right for You?

Refer to the General Specification sheet located under the 'Downloads' tab for detailed specifications.

  EJA120E EJX120A
± 0.09%
± 0.2%  
Minimum Span
0.1 inH2O  
0.4 inH2O  
Response Time
150 msec
FMEDA Report
IEC 61508 Certified (SIL 2)
Specification Conformance


Application Note

DP Level transmitter configuration can be very time consuming. Yokogawa DPharp EJA/EJX Pressure transmitters realize reduction in man hours by smart level setup feature.


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