DILI imaging of hepatocytes

DILI imaging of hepatocytes cultured on Cell-able® with CellVoyager CQ1

CellVoyager CQ1 and Cell-able® plates are applicable to drug-induced liver injury (DILI) study utilizing high content screening assay as shown in the following.

DILI imaging of hepatocytes


Human primary hepatocytes were co-cultured on Cell-able® with 3T3-Swiss albino mouse fibroblast cells. The 3D spheroids were stained with monochlorobimane (mBCl) for reduced glutathione (GSH/ blue), Bodipy 493/503 for lipid droplets (Oil/green), Tetramethylrhodamine methyl ester (TMRM) for mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP/ red) and HCS Nuclera Mask Deep Red for nuclei (purple) after 3-days exposure with Aspirin (negative compound) and Troglitazone (positive compound). The images were acquired with with CellVoyager CQ1.

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