World-class Thickness Gauge WEBFREX3ES for EV Battery Makers

We need to decarbonize our society, and electric vehicles will definitely help this process. Electrode coating is an important manufacturing process that determines the quality of lithium-ion batteries. A poor finish could even lead to a fire. 
As a solution for precisely measuring and monitoring the coating quality, Yokogawa has been providing the online thickness gauge WEBFREX3ES developed for battery electrode sheets since 2010. We have also been supporting the manufacturing of batteries globally based on both online quality control and online measurement technology of the sheets with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the paper and film manufacturing processes built over 50 years. Currently, about 90% of all lithium-ion batteries are manufactured by the top 10 companies. Yokogawa supplies more than half of these companies with the WEBFREX3ES, which makes it possible for us to earn customers' trust throughout the world.

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  • Online Thickness Gauge for Battery Electrode Sheets WEBFREX3ES

    Along with the widespread interest in renewable energy and initiatives aimed at realizing a decarbonized society, electrification of automobiles such as EVs and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) are now attracting attention. One key technology for these initiatives is rechargeable batteries, in particular, lithium-ion batteries.

    Here, we introduce Yokogawa’s solution at the coating process and WEBFREX3ES, an online thickness gauge for battery electrode sheets.

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