Webinar: Unified Telecommunication System

Dates: Aug 24, 2020
Location: WebEx Online | 12:00 PM
Website: https://yokogawa.webex.com/yokogawa/onstage/g.php?MTID=ed7ebff9e529e50d87eb052d12e6b1633

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Yokogawa recognizes that every customer's requirements are unique. Customer must be the driver of the technology. That is why at the Yokogawa Telecom group, we spend our time for designing, delivering and supporting solutions that are designed for your business.

We invite you to our webinar to present Yokogawa capabilities of delivering Unified Telecommunication System and seamless Integration of Converged Transmission/Backbone, Fixed & Mobile Voice /Data Systems, Safety & Electronic Security solutions for turnkey/ standalone onshore, offshore & pipeline projects by collaborating with proven third-party system equipments.