Webinar: Yokogawa CCTV & Integration with ICSS

Dates: Aug 6, 2020
Location: WebEx Online | 12:00 PM
Website: https://yokogawa.webex.com/yokogawa/onstage/g.php?MTID=e23d9276285673d8c88e470a30fedb3f6

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Yokogawa Process Surveillance System (FieldEye.II) is designed to provide uncompromising visual vigilance to onshore and offshore plant operators and its seamless integration with Yokogawa ICSS, serves unique functionality of providing process parameters and live feed on the same screen to plant operators.

In conventional CCTV system camera pictures are viewed on dedicated monitors by a dedicated person, Yokogawa invites its customers to attend webinar to experience its capability of comprehensive integration to a host of unrivaled systems with leading-edge features, coupled with the adoption of industry standard network and integration protocols, facilitates seamless expansion of number of cameras, control stations, system servers and geographic expansion to meet future requirements.