High Conductivity Sensors ISC40/SC42

There are two basic sensor styles used for measuring Conductivity: Contacting and Inductive (Toroidal, Electrodeless).

When Contacting Sensors are used, the conductivity is measured by applying an alternating electrical current to the sensor electrodes (that together make up the cell constant) immersed in a solution and measuring the resulting voltage. The solution acts as the electrical conductor between the sensor electrodes.

With Inductive Conductivity (also called Toroidal or Electrodeless), the sensing elements (electrode coils) of an inductive sensor do not come in direct contact with the process. These two matched (identical) coils are encapsulated in PEEK (or Teflon) protecting them from the adverse effects of the process.

There is only one cell factor (constant) for the ISC40 Inductive Sensor. It covers nearly the entire conductivity measurement range ~ 50-2,000,000 µS/cm. Only on the low end (below 50 µS) does the accuracy of the sensor suffer.

Because the ISC40 Inductive sensor is virtually maintenance free; it is the first choice for any application. If the ISC40 cannot be used then it is recommended to use the 4-electrode design, model SC42 large bore sensor.  

Series (2)


  ISC40 ISC40 2 SC42 Large-Bore 2
Model Code ISC40 SC42 Large Bore
Cell Constants NA NA 10.0/cm
Ranges 1-20,000,000 µS/cm 1-20,000,000 µS/cm 20.0-20,000,000 µS/cm
Temperature Element Pt1000 or 30K Thermistor Pt1000 or 30K Thermistor Pt1000
Pressure Rating Up to 20 bar/290 PSIG *Depending on installation* 10 bar/142 PSIG @ 20°C/36°F; 5 bar/71 PSIG @ 100°C/212°F 10 bar/142 PSIG 2 bar/28.5 PSIG
Maximum Temperature -20°C/-4°F to 130°C/266°F -20°C/-4°F to 100°C/212°F 110°C/230°F
Installation Connections Flange; Tri-Clamp; Flow Thru, NPT, Retractable Flange; Tri-Clamp; Flow Thru, NPT, Retractable Requires FD40, FS40 or FF40 Holder
Integral Cable YES YES NO
Materials Of Construction PEEK PFA (Teflon) EPOXY; PVDF (Kynar) PTFE (Teflon)
Design Style Inductive (Torodial or Electrodeless) Inductive (Torodial or Electrodeless) 4-Electrode



In the past, the boiler feed tank systems in sugar factories had to be checked several times a day to make sure there were no sugar solution leaks. This was a very laborious process and, as continuous monitoring was not possible, monitoring results were not reliable. When a leak occurred, recovery operations were very costly and time-consuming. (AN10D01K01-02E)



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