High Pressure/ High Temperature Conductivity Sensor SC42/SX42

High Pressure – High Temperature Contacting sensor primarily designed for Boiler Blowdown and Condensate Leak detection applications. These conductivity cells have extremely high temperature and pressure ratings: the threaded types can handle 16 bar at 200°C and the flanged types can handle 40 bar at 250°C.



   SC42 Small-Bore 2 SX42 Large Bore SX42 Large Bore 2
Model Code SC42 Small Bore SX42 Large Bore
Cell Constants 0.1/cm; 1.0/cm 0.1/cm; 1.0/cm 0.1/cm; 1.0/cm
Ranges 0.4-2,000 µS/cm; 4.0-5,000 µ/cm 0.02-2,000 µS/cm; 0.2-20,000 µS/cm 0.02-2,000 µS/cm; 0.2-20,000 µS/cm
Temperature Element Pt1000 Pt1000 Pt1000
Pressure Rating 7 bar/100 PSIG 16 bar/ 228 PSIG 40 bar/ 570 PSIG
Maximum Temperature 100°C/212°F up to 200°C up to 250°C
Installation Connections 3/4" NPT Fitting; 1", 1.5" or 2" Tri-Clamp 1" NPT 2" 600lb ANSI Flange
Integral Cable NO NO NO
Materials Of Construction 316 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel 316 Stainless Steel
Design Sytle 2-Electrode 2-Electrode 2-Electrode




Check out what is in the box when you receive Yokogawa epoxy type conductivity sensor SV42-EV15.

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