Our Organization

Yokogawa is a global process automation leader with a comprehensive suite of products, ranging from process automation systems, field instrumentation, analytical equipment, safety systems to production management software.

We pride ourselves on being a perfectionist company with a high level of commitment to making high quality systems and products and providing a high level of service with them. This commitment to industry is personified in our Vigilance philosophy which is based on our core values of quality, innovation and foresight.

Quality represents Yokogawa’s ability to minimize total cost of ownership for users. Innovation emphasizes maximizing throughput while minimizing cost. Foresight is our commitment to a long-term partnership with users in the form of continuous product evolution as technology advances and needs evolve.

Since our inception in 1989, Yokogawa in Malaysia is proud to play a dynamic role in supplementing the industrialization drive of the Malaysian government as propounded in its Vision 2020.

Yokogawa has long enjoyed a good reputation for reliability and service. This reputation has won us some demanding users in critical process applications such as refining and petrochemical.

We are now a leading industrial solutions provider and trusted partner, with a large installed base of systems and products in a wide range of industries: oil and gas, refining and petrochemicals, chemicals, oleochemicals, pulp and paper, iron and steel, food and beverages, power, electrical and electronics, and education.

Our commitment to users in Malaysia is backed by a network of offices strategically located at all the major industrial hubs. Whilst the heart of our operation is a large pool of trained local engineers, we offer facilities such as an Accredited Calibration Laboratory and a well-equipped Training Center.