FC20 Cleaning Systems

For industrial applications and particularly for automatic process measurements it is of the greatest importance that the sensistive part of a glass electrode and the diaphragm of areference electrode are kept clean. Often it is not practical to interrupt a process for cleaning the electrodes, an accurate indication is required over a long period, replacing the electrodes is difficult, etc. Then an automatic cleaning mechanism may be the solution.

Yokogawa manufactures two different cleaning systems for pH and/or ORP (Redox) measurements:

    - Chemical cleaning. 
    - Mechanical cleaning. 
(The cleaning elements have standardised dimensions formounting in flow-, insertion and immersion fittings.)



  • Designed for in-line electrode cleaning in flow- and immersion fittings of Yokogawa.
  • Restricts sediment formation on the electrodes and increases the period between calibrations. 
  • Optimum cleaning effect.
  • Standardised dimensions for mounting in an electrode hole of a fitting
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