Network DAQSTATION or MW to Delta V


A Midwest customer is a leading salt manufacturer. They produce a variety of salt products including table salt, pool salt and industrial grade salt. This customer needed to bring data from existing Yokogawa DAQSTATIONS into their Delta V system.



This company has two divisions. The first division is the chemical division that processes material and uses a Delta V to control and monitor the process. The second division uses steam to recover material from underground. Both divisions require hundreds of inputs from various processes. Both the Delta V and the Yokogawa DAQSTATION are considered servers. Since both instruments are providing data, both server and client application software was required.


DAQMASTERYokogawa utilized Kepware, a leading software designer, for the OPC Bridging Software that was needed. Kepware has previously created drivers for Yokogawa's DAQSTATION and DAQMASTER product lines. Utilizing the Kepware DAQSTATION driver, the customer is able to read and write to all of the Yokogawa registers.

LinkMaster, another Kepware software product, has the capabilities of both a "server" and a "client" application, allowing it to access, collect, organize and link data from multiple OPC servers. Utilizing LinkMaster software, the customer was able to transfer the data from the DAQSTATION directly into a Delta V soft tag.

Yokogawa's DAQSTATION provided a cost efficient, reliable interface to process inputs, and gave operators an easy-to-read, real-time display. The customer uses this system as the interface between all its processes. This method of gathering data will reduce costs and improve production efficiency.

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