Signal Conditioners

Signal conditioners

Signal conditioners are instruments that can convert analog and digital signals so that they can be captured by higher-level systems. The analog signals (such as 4–20 mA DC and 1–5 V DC) can come from measuring equipment, and the digital signals (such as from RS-232C, RS-485, and contacts) can come from various measurement and control sensors in the field (thermocouple, RTD, transmitters, flow meters, load cells, and potentiometers), pneumatic instruments, and other devices.

YOKOGAWA’s JUXTA series of signal conditioners offer the advanced technology and reliable quality that we have cultivated over the years. 

Features of our signal conditioners and your benefits

  • Longer lifespans
    To realize longer product lifecycles, we design out aluminum electrolytic capacitors, which are lifetime parts.
  • Noise countermeasures
    For installation in unfavorable environments with many sources of noise, some models come standard with filter functions that can easily counteract noise at the site.
  • Environmental worthiness
    To strengthen operating performance, we proceed with product development under the following conditions:
    - Operating temperature rage: -10–+55°C
    - Continuous vibration (5–9 Hz) half amplitude 3 mm or less, (9–150 Hz 9.8 m/s2 or less, 1 oct/min, 90 minutes each in 3 axial directions
    - Shock 98 m/s2 or less, 11 ms, 3 axes 6 times 3 times each.
  • Improved maintainability
    To support thermocouple, RTD, and mV DC input signals in a single unit, and to contribute to reducing equipment and maintenance goods, the products in our lineup can easily make input signal settings changes on site.
  • Longer warranty periods (3 years)
    As part of our product quality initiatives, we adopted a 3-year warranty period for some VJ series products
  • Diversification
    From the standard types with superior compatibility to pneumatic and other types, our diverse lineup offers a model to meet your operating conditions.

Type of Signal Condisioners

Plug-in type Nest-housed type
Compact Plug-in type Standard Plug-in type Pneumatic signal conditioners DCS-supported, Analog I/O DCS-supported, Relay I/O
Wall,DIN rail or dedicated mounting base mounting Wall or DIN rail mounting Wall or dedicated mounting base mounting Rack or Wall mounting
VJ Series
JUXTA M series
M Series

P Series
D Series
R Series
  • JUXTA VJ Series

    The VJ Series are compact, but the line-up includes versatile I/O specifications, wide-range of power supply, isolated two outputs and field configurable models.

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  • JUXTA M Series

    M Series are plug-in style signal conditioners, and offer high reliability, precision and functionality. The lineup includes signal converters with versatile I/O specifications, computing units and power transducers.

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  • JUXTA D/R Series

    The D/R Series are DCS-supported, nest-housed signal conditioners. The series consists of modular type signal converters with versatile I/Os, relay input/output cards, limit alarms units and housing nests for card storage.

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  • JUXTA P Series

    P Series are compact (only 24 mm width), plug-in style pneumatic signal interface used for pneumatic instrumentation.

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  • Accessories

    JUXTA Series accessories include mounting panels and racks, power supply units, power distributor units, DIN rails, CT protectors, input resistance modules, air supply units and configuration tools.

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