VPN Manager (Exaquantum/VPN)

The Problem Legacy
OPC connectivity relies heavily upon Microsoft technologies such as DCOM. While it provides effective application integration, DCOM also represents a potential security risk due to the requirement for extensive TCP port usage.

The Solution
Yokogawa has recognized this issue and has developed a secure access mechanism based upon VPN technology that enables the normal operation of legacy OPC connections without the security issues it introduces. Yokogawa customers who wish to provide effective and secure connections to the Process Control Domain can now do so utilizing Yokogawa’s VPN Software Manager ‘Exaquantum/VPN’.

Key Features

  • Only a single firewall port is required - Allows a firewall to be NAT enabled
  • Enhanced network security
  • RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls) cannot be executed
  • Secure VPN Protocol: PPTP (Point-to-point tunnelling protocol)
  • Data is encrypted
  • Connection initiated from the OPC server for increased security
  • Redundant OPC connections supported, such as Exaopc-RD and Exaquantum/ORM

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