Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Accelerate Business Performance with Yokogawa’s ERP solutions

Because of the recent technological advances and management demands, many Core business systems have evolved with IT as platform to support corporate management.  In addition, it became essential to utilize IT in recent years to have global governance, as well as compliance with laws and regulations such as HACCP and GMP. So, using the vast experience and knowledge in manufacturing industries, YOKOGAWA ASEAN has started providing ERP solutions to meet the manufacturing customers’ demands and solve their management issues. 

Currently Yokogawa ASEAN offers innovative and scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to run all your key operations and financial business processes. From comprehensive financial management capabilities, including advanced revenue management and billing solutions, to complete manufacturing, inventory, supply chain and warehouse management etc. 

Our ERP solutions can empower businesses of all sizes, across all industries world-wide to boost the innovation and the organization growth. In addition to the reporting and business analytics functionalities, the customized Business Intelligence can help in better and quicker decision making. 

Yokogawa Strengths

  • Co-Innovate the solutions with our customers
  • The holistic ‘One Stop Solution’ for Manufacturing industries
  • 100% success rate in ERP Implementations 
  • Vast Industry Experience & In-depth knowledge of its processes
  • Consecutive Best/Excellent partnership awards from our ERP solution partners for over 10 years

Why Choose Solutions From Yokogawa 

  • In addition to the ERP solutions, we offer extended solutions for manufacturing sites such as production schedulers, production management systems (PMS), manufacturing execution systems (MES), Quality and Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)    
  • Visualizations of scattered data in Legacy systems and personalization of the production operations
  • Specialized and customized ERP solutions for process manufacturing industry 
  • Minimum implementation period and costs to build the core system corresponding to your/industry business practices
  • Regulatory compliance in Pharmaceutical industry (GMP / FD external site A compatible and Part11 compatible external site)
  • Enough Standard features to address the unique requirements of companies in the process manufacturing industry, (such as performance management, and detailed cost control)
  • Unique Yokogawa's package-based solution for the process manufacturing industry
  • Standard and customised interfacing with various accounting packages
  • Solutions for management’s quick decision making 
  • Cloud-hosted solutions at reasonable costs


  • mcframe

    Resource planning software package developed as a resource planning framework to support the manufacturing industry.

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    A Production Scheduler of the next generation system used mainly to solve the problems of manufacturing sites.

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  • eServ

    The eServ plant maintenance system supports maintenance operations with foresight, and is effective everywhere. Quick and easy to use, it leverages the expertise of Japanese professionals and optimizes the CMMS and EAM concept.

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