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Microsoft Dynamics 365 
Finance & Supply Chain Management (for Operations)

We respond to the specific requirements of process manufacturing, such as co-product/by-product management and yield management, packing / unfixed handling in inventory management, inspection instructions/performance management in quality control, and cost management etc using standard functions.

Yokogawa’s Manufacturing Advantage

Yokogawa’s core business solution for manufacturing industry, brings together the experience and know-how cultivated at the manufacturing site with functions that fit into industries such as chemical, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, food, steel and non-ferrous metals, and pulp and paper. This solution can be smoothly implemented within short span of time. 

In addition, based on the concept of "site-to-management direct-to-market solution", we integrate solutions such as ERP and scheduler, manufacturing execution system (MES), and operational information management system (PIMS) by providing reliable consulting with expertise in manufacturing operations. We contribute to the enhancement of our customers' corporate value.


Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain Management 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management has been introduced in various industries around the world. These functions are embedded as a cloud-enabled integrated ERP solution that can be used on multiple devices via a web browser. 


  • It follows Microsoft standard user interface, so intuitive operation is possible even with ERP.
  • Create reports and reports using data accumulated in ERP by linking with Office products such as Excel and Word
  • Power BI and SQL Server general-purpose business intelligence enables various analysis and reporting


  • Supports 36 countries' tax laws and 41 languages
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Providing standard solutions for multiple industries such as process manufacturing
  • Realization of multiple companies and multiple industries with a single instance


  • Reduce deployment and subsequent operational costs with the scalability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and the flexibility of the Microsoft Azure platform as your business grows and changes


Coordination of Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM modules with Microsoft products 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM modules are deployed globally in more than 20,000 companies

Sustainable Growth Support

  • Integrate business globally with multi-language, multi-currency and multi-company capabilities
  • Flexible design and output of financial statements corresponding to IFRS standards and country standards
  • Efficient management of production at multiple manufacturing sites with one deployment
  • Easy group deployment of applications with layer architecture
  • Maintaining safe and proper system operation through detailed management of user access

Integration With Office Applications
Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance, SCM and other Office products support flexible bi-directional exchanges. Improve operational productivity by using ERP information with familiar Office products.
Display And Update Core System Data in Excel Connector App
By using pre-built entities and OData services, you can directly reference Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations data. In addition, an Excel connector application (add-in) is available, and you can open Excel from the screen to view and update data.


  • Power BI is a BI tool provided by Microsoft.
  • You can perform data acquisition, data processing, and report creation without writing a single program. 
  • Created reports can be viewed from various devices.
  • In addition, reports created in Power BI can be embedded (displayed) in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM workspaces, allowing users to visualize and display the information they need, and drill down to analyse them. 
  • Power BI provides several content packs for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM. 


Key Benefits

Enhanced Production Performance                           

Identify the viable equipment failures, prevent downtimes and increase manufacturing quality


Smart Manufacturing Operations                            

IoT intelligence enabled automations to reduce the manufacturing downtimes 

Supply Chain Automation                           

Identify the viable equipment failures, prevent downtimes and increase manufacturing quality




Microsoft's “solutions for the process manufacturing industry” and “YOKOGAWA business customs response function” supports co-product / by-product management and yield management in the formula (configuration table), and support for packaging and discrepancies in inventory management.  In addition, the standard functions respond to the unique requirements of companies in the process manufacturing industry, such as inspection instructions / results management in quality control and detailed cost control etc.

The structure of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management provided by Yokogawa is as follows. 

Yokogawa solutions for the process manufacturing industry are also available as complementary solutions on top of the standard features from Microsoft.



Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM modules – Industry specific solutions

  • Providing functions specific to the process manufacturing industry as standard

Dealing with Business practices of the manufacturing industries

  • Supports business customs such as cost management (standard / actual costs), sales management (business customs management, red / black correction input), etc.
  • Yokogawa's ERP implementation can be performed in less time and at low cost
  • Based on the standard business flow by industry and business type, consulted the business flow after the introduction aimed by customers and implemented it
  • Based on the standard business flow by business type, we consult and implement the business flow that the customer aims to achieve.

Excellent usability

  • Interoperability with Microsoft products, familiar user interface, standard analysis tools
  • Plant information management system (PIMS) by providing reliable consulting with expertise in manufacturing operations. We contribute to the enhancement of our customers' corporate value.

Production information management system (PIMS) by providing reliable consulting with expertise in manufacturing operations. We contribute to the enhancement of our customers' corporate value.



Yokogawa's business customs support function is a solution that supports functions such as actual costing, commercial flow management, and red / black correction that are unique to the Japanese process manufacturing industry.

It consists of “business customs response function” and “cost management function”.

①: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management standard function
②: Solution function for process manufacturing industry
③: Yokogawa business customs correspondence function

Production Planning

  • Demand forecast input
  • Predictive scheduling
  • Master scheduling
  • Planned purchase order

  • Planned batch order
Production Control


  • Manufacturing performance management
  • Raw material withdrawal input
  • Automatic withdrawal of raw materials
  • Work result input
  • Entering equipment operation results

  • Formula management (mixing table management)
  • Yield management
  • Production order
  • By-product / co-product volume input
Inventory Control


  • Lot traceability 
  • Stock movement
  • Move between warehouses
  • Stock transfer
  • Physical inventory 


  • Package management
  • Intermediate (check weight), inventory status
  • Lot allocation (FIFO / FEFO)
  • Expiration date management
  • Issue deadline management
  • Batch merge
  • Transfer of raw material lot attribute to manufactured product

  • Material master copy function
  • Production journal
  • Item transfer
  • Monthly balance management
Sales Management


  • Normal sales order entry
  • Inter-company transactions (inter-company ordering and cooperation)
  • Post-packing items (shipping)
  • Post invoice (record sales)

  • Rebate calculation

  • Free shipping order entry
  • Order management by sales channel and customer
  • Sales red and black correction
  • Sales retroactive adjustment 
Purchasing Management

  • Purchase order entry
  • Product receipt (confirmed delivery) / invoice posting (accounting for purchase)
  • Purchase contract management
  • Supplier portal
  • Expense purchase

  • Purchasing and black correction
  • Retroactive purchase adjustment
  • Various purchases
Quality Management


  • Create inspection instructions 
  • Quality control standards (standard values, water, sewage)
  • Test result input
  • Judgement result


  • Lot attribute linkage of inspection results
General Accounting


  • Multiple currency management
  • General ledger management
  • Journal entry function (general journal, periodic general)
  • Analysis code hierarchy management
  • Allocation function
  • Consumption tax management
  • Bank management (account management)
  • Budget management
  • Consolidated balance sheet
  • Financial statements (user-defined forms)
  • Cash management
  • Supports segment accounting (analysis using a combination of accounts and financial dimensions)
  • Fixed assets management
Project Accounting


  • Contract management
  • Project / WBS registration
  • Resource and schedule management
  • Project hierarchy management
  • Project quotation
  • Budget / actual management
  • Billing and payment
Expense Management

  • Expense
  • Temporary payment processing
  • Attach receipts
Cost Management

  • Standard unit price calculation
  • Budget costing
  • Standard costing (including cost variance journaling process)
  • Actual costing
  • Division cost allocation and allocation calculation by item
Accounts Receivable Management

  • Multiple currency management
  • Free-form invoice processing
  • Pre-processing
  • Payment processing (cash, transfer, bill payment)
  • Electronic deposit (cooperation in the unified format of JBA)
  • Bill management
  • Customer balance management
Accounts Payable

  • Multiple currency management
  • Billing journal
  • Payment journal
  • Prepayment processing
  • Payment processing (cash, transfer, bill payment)
  • Transfer file creation (unified format from JBA)
  • Bill management
  • Supplier balance management

Advantages to Management 

Supports quick decision making

  • Equipped with monitoring, analysis and planning functions to visualize company information in real time
  • Visualization of sales and profit / loss from various viewpoints, from customers and products to departments
  • Native data query by real-time grasp of information and drill-down function
  • Quickly aggregate and centralize group companies and global information

Accelerate business processing and improve management level by centralizing data

  • Speed up settlement processing
  • Simplify cost management and improve accuracy
  • Accelerate business processes and maintain consistency between departments using an integrated system

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM, the foundation for internal control processes

  • Response to internal controls such as "IT infrastructure" through integrated business processes, "security", and "business process controls such as credit management and job function separation"


Advantages to Business 

Real-time information sharing and collaboration between departments

  • Rapid reflection of demand information in production and faster decision making
  • Reduce inventory by improving the accuracy of inventory information and utilize it in production schedules and sales of inventory information
  • Reduced lead time, stockout prevention and inventory reduction through production scheduler cooperation
  • Real-time cost calculation from manufacturing results and faster monthly / term-end profit / loss management through MES collaboration
  • Visualize and share profit and loss from various perspectives, from customers and products to departments

 Migrate from legacy systems such as office computers with minimal workforce

  • Import large amounts of data output to a file by Data Management. It also supports import from Excel file.
  • Development by Visual Studio allows extensibility work such as creation of database tables and screens, addition of items, etc. Programming is not required if creating simple data input / output screens.

 Global expansion

  • One system to meet various national laws and regulations
  • Can be led by Japan through local support in collaboration with partner companies around the world


Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM supports corporate growth with excellent operability, flexible extensibility, scalable systems, and global deployment support through interoperability with Office products.

In addition, the REST API (OData Ver4.0) facilitates cloud system integration.

For detailed architecture, system requirements, and other help for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM, visit Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM help.


Layer-based Architecture 

Yokogawa provides a layer-based architecture for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Supply Chain Management.

  • Based on the hierarchical architecture, code and objects in the system can be managed in each hierarchy.
  • This allows extensibility without affecting other hierarchies
  • Easy to inherit customized parts when upgrading and add-on parts between multiple sites


System Requirements 

Please check Microsoft's official website for detailed system requirements and the latest information.
ERP Product Information | Microsoft Dynamics 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and SCM are integrated business applications with a proven track record of implementation as a management infrastructure, mainly in large and mid-tier manufacturing industries. We support the execution of business to achieve business goals and solve problems in a globally changing and complex business environment.


Case Study


Smiles Co., Ltd.


The analytics and information available in the Dynamics 365, and Power BI capabilities helped the customer in speedy decision-making and actions

Itochu Sugar Co., Ltd. 

Business efficiency and productivity improvement after the new Dynamics 365 ERP system is introduced. 

Also, the group’s optimal decision-making, centralized management and visualization of data was achieved. 

Bridgestone Corporation 

Successful in overseas business integration and realizing the business standardization of employees, which resulted in efficiency improvement. 

Meltex Inc.

Introduced ERP for integrated management of all operations from production to sales / accounting in the process manufacturing industry.

Nippon Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Implementation of Dynamics ERP resulted in integrated management of all operations, from production to accounting, to visualize and share management data, standardize operations, improved costing, and reduced load on internal control

Banjo Foods Co., Ltd. 

Met the customer’s manufacturing needs by eliminating extensibility as much as possible and leveraging the standard features of Microsoft Dynamics.

Also, created an environment for "quick and accurate management decisions" by realizing visualization of manufacturing sites and improvement of production efficiency

Kuriyamabeika Co., Ltd.

Selected Microsoft Dynamics for a comprehensive production management, including daily cost control support.
The deployment using the customer’s own resources resulted in minimal extensibility in a short period of only 10 months.

Company A (Chemical) 

Rebuilt the customer’s core system using Dynamics to overcome the aging of existing system and lack of internal control

Company B (Chemical) 

Dynamics helped customer to share information, speed up business processing, and build an environment that can provide information necessary for management decisions


Yokogawa recently won the “Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019” for the Dynamics ERP, sponsored by Microsoft Japan. This is the ninth time that Yokogawa has been awarded, and this is the first time in a history that it has been awarded for the sixth consecutive year.

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