Risk Assessment


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The Risk Assessment Process in the system enables the user to identify all hazards present in the workplace that have the potential to cause harm and put in place the necessary control measures to mitigate the level of risk.

  • Knowledge-based Risk Assessment control measures
  • Risk Assessment for each work activity step

The fully knowledge-based system can be used in a qualitative or quantitative manner to carry out a risk assessment, ensuring all hazards are reduced as low as reasonably possible (ALARP).

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  • Companies looking at a digital control of work solution are typically using paper systems. The challenges of paper systems in terms of Risk Assessment are:
    • Variable and inconsistent risk assessments
    • Illegible or difficult to read
    • Cannot print non-control copies in other languages for increased understanding
    • Limited opportunities to add learning
  • It is a legal requirement for any employer to keep their employees safe

Our Solution    

  • Yokogawa’s Digital Control of Work Solution has built-in knowledge gained over millions of hours of risk assessment and permitting work available directly to all users
  • Knowledge is broken down into categories represented by icons, allowing for simple and speedy navigation
  • The Icons describe every single maintenance activity, tool, and working condition that exists at the location
  • The system identifies all hazards present in the workplace and put in place the necessary controls to mitigate the risk. 
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  • It makes Hazard Identification and Control Selection user friendly and easier to make the correct choice
  • Ensures compliance
  • Upfront planning of permits
  • Ensures the right person is looking at the hazards and selecting the right controls with authorization requirements much clearer
  • Add learning quickly and easily
  • Multiple languages in one system
  • Greatly improved Efficiency

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