Notice: This product was discontinued on Mar 31, 2023.

DAQWORX allows users to assemble a data acquisition system using Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, the temperature controllers, measuring instruments without the need for programming. For adding functionality, DAQWORX offers an integrated data acquisition software system, allowing customers to connect high added-value software to their existing data acquisition systems to easily expand the range of supported applications.Please be noted that some packages are not compatible with GX/GP series paperless recorders.

Integrated Package
Intergrate recorders, controllers, and measuring instruments


Product Specific Package
Bring out the best of each product

    (for DX, CX, and MVAdvanced/MV)
  • DAQ32Plus for Darwin series *

Common Software

  • DataBrowser *

* : This product was discontinued. The replacement product is GA10 Data Logging Software.


Monitoring Software for DX, CX and MV Series

GUI-Based User-Friendly Operations

DAQEXPLORER makes it easy to perform tasks such as entering DX/CX/MV settings over a network or transferring measurement data files from a DX/CX/MV series unit to a PC. Simply click or drag and drop icons on the Desktop (excluding DX100P/DX200P).


DesktopDAQEXPLORER contains software modules such as those listed below. The individual modules are integrates on the Desktop.

This software component automatically finds and displays DX/CX/MV-series units connected within the same segment as the PC being used on the network.

  • Automatically searches for and mounts DX/CX/MV-series units on the network
  • Starts the data monitor, data viewer and setup software (when using DXAdvanced/MVAdvanced's Batch function, batch information can be input upon memory start, and when using the Multibatch function of DXAdvanced R3 or later, memory start/stop can occur on individual batches).
  • Facilitates memory start, stop and trigger
  • Shows snapshot view of the active window
  • Lists files in the internal memory and external storage media
  • Transfers files automatically (as specified by interval or time)
  • Allows manual file transfer (simply drag-and-drop)
  • Prints snapshots automatically

Data Monitor Software

Data Monitor ModuleLets you monitor the measured data of DX/CX/MV-series units in a variety of formats, including trend displays, circular trend displays, digital displays, and meter displays.

  1. Trend monitor
  2. Circular monitor
  3. Digital monitor
  4. Alarm monitor
  5. Color graph monitor
  6. Meter monitor

Note that the remote monitors for DAQLOGGER Client, DAQ32Plus and DAQ32Plus Client, and data monitor for DAQEXPLORER cannot be used at the same time on the same PC.

Setup Software

Settings Module

Lets you exchange data on settings related to measurement and computation channels and on display settings with DX/CX/MV-series units, and save the data on the PC's hard disk or other media.*

* With the DXAdvanced R3 or later, screens cannot built or edited for the custom display function.

Program Pattern Setting

Program pattern setting

Program pattern setting

Embedded control loop program operation patterns can be created and set through a graphical interface for the CX1000/CX2000 Control and Measurement Stations.

Data Viewer Software

Data Viewer Module

Data Viewer Software

Lets you view trend displays, digital displays, circular displays, and list display of data in the following three types of files, or print the files.

Linked File Display

Data files generated by breaking up contiguous data into multiple files in DX/CX/MV units, or interrupted by a power failure or the like can be displayed as linked files. You can save the file linking conditions, so it is easy to redisplay linked files. Using the linked file display, you can also read numerical values in the displayed data using the cursor, calculate interval values, and convert data to ASCII or file formats compatible with Excel and Lotus 1-2-3.

Before linking Display with later file linked

System Configuration

System Configuration

A system where the data monitor software of DAQEXPLORER can be linked with up to 16 DX/CX/MV-series units

Combination with High-value Added Software

Advanced monitoring (user-created screens)
User-created screens offer convenient monitoring in real time in combination with AddObserver and AddObserver Runtime.



Rinnai uses the MX100 PC-based High-speed Data Acquisition Unit for evaluation and testing of its kitchen appliances.


A major soft drink manufacturer dictates strict quality control standards to companies that manufacture vending machines, coolers, and dispensing equipment that handle the branded products of the company. The company operates an engineering lab at corporate headquarters in Atlanta where numerous environmental rooms can simulate any climate condition where a vending machine or cooler may operate.


A Midwest customer is a leading salt manufacturer. They produce a variety of salt products including table salt, pool salt and industrial grade salt. This customer needed to bring data from existing Yokogawa DAQSTATIONS into their Delta V system.

On Windows XP SP2 the Windows firewall is predefined and enabled, so this dialog box may appear if you launch or operate software. Confirm that the name of the software appears in the Name field, and that "Yokogawa Electric Corporation" app...
DAQWORX won't work properly on Windows Vista if you install it in the Program Files folder. When installing for the first time, install it in a folder other than the Program Files folder (the default is the DAQWORX folder). If you have already in...
As a result of the Energy Policy Act that was enacted in the US and Canada in 2007, the daylight savings time ("Summer time") period was changed. This means that before and after January 1, 2007, the time will differ by 1 hour for 4 weeks d...
DAQWORX has a program that performs communication, but it can be interfered with by the Windows firewall. If a program fails to run due to the Windows firewall, you can either disable the firewall or refer to the document below to specify to "Al...
In general it is difficult to say because acquisition performance varies greatly according to factors such as communication speed and PC specifications, in addition to the number of connected units and channels. In your case, the speed of your serial...
If connecting the PC directly to the DX100, use one cross cable. If going through a hub, use 2 straight cables.
Display data files record a maximum and minimum value at each data point. These values are joined by a vertical line, resulting in a thick trend line.
Please use National Instruments (NI).
With the latest version (R11.06 or later), running of the IP address setting program is restricted by the Windows firewall. Please disable the Windows firewall, and then follow the explanation in the appendix of the DAQWORX Installation and Operation...
Which versions of Windows are supported?
Check the next page for the latest OSs supported. DAQWORX download page *Log-in Required
1) Check whether the extracted folder exists on the hard drive of the PC on which you want to install DAQWORX. (It can't be installed from the server.) 2) Confirm that you are launching the setup.exe file that resides directly within the extracte...
Enter the upgrade license first, and then the license number of the old version. If the old license number is a combination of 3 numerical blocks, leave the 2nd block of the text input box blank, and enter the old license number. For details, see &qu...
First enter the upgrade license number in the DAQWORX installer. Next, enter the license number for the old version. See “Upgrading the Software” in the WX1000 DAQWORX Installation & Operation Guide (IM WX1000-01E). ...
Does DAQWORX support Windows 10?
  DAQWORX is composed of several programs. Of those, MXLOGGER and DAQEXPLORER do support Windows 10. The others support Windows 8.1 or earlier. For details, see the following website. DAQWORX Data acquisition system integrated software *Log-in...
Yes. Create a definition file using the Modbus device definition file creation tool, and connect. For information on creating Modbus device definition files, see the GA10 user’s manual.
Yes. Connect the WT1800 via GateWT for GA10 (free). If you are able to change the WT1800E command type, change it to WT1800 compatible, and then connect via GateWT for GA10. If you can't change the command type, connect using Modbus. See “R...


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