Yokogawa Virtualization System

Yokogawa virtualization system is optimized for process control to satisfy the quality and performance requirements of process control, and achieve operations similar to existing systems using physical computers. We will explain 2 virtualization technology and functions; Live Migration and Automatic Failover of Yokogawa Virtualization Platform for Process Control System to improve availability and shorten the system downtime.

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    CENTUM VP has a simple and common architecture consisting of human machine interfaces, field control stations, and a control network.

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  • High Availability Technology

    For the Yokogawa's high availability technology, by the redundant configuration of two PCs, contributes to realization of high availability of the system and improvement of productivity.

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  • Distributed Control System (DCS)

    Our distributed control system (DCS) enables automation and control of industrial processes and enhanced business performance. Over 10,000 plants entrust Yokogawa DCS to deliver their production goals.

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