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As a core member of the Minimal Fab Promoting Organization, we engage in the promotion of Minimal Fabs. We provide full support to our customers from the stage of considering the introduction of Minimal Fabs to the facility construction, operation, and maintenance, so you can leave everything to us with peace of mind.

We are the first company to receive a certification as a Minimal Fab operator from the organization.

You can download our brochures from the Resources and Download tabs. Also, the benefits of Minimal Fab are presented in an easy-to-understand movie in the Videos tab with other available movies about Minimal Fab for semiconductor industries.

Minimal device prototyping is available at Yokogawa Minimal Application Laboratory. If you would like to experience the speedy prototyping of devices, visit our Application Laboratory, or request more information about our solutions, feel free to contact us (using the link at the bottom of the page) or see the prototyping brochures from the Resources and Download tabs.

Les défis

Whether you are looking to develop a new device at the prototyping level or for high-mix low-volume production, whether you aim to train your own engineers or grasp the fundamentals of the semiconductor industry as a student, or if you simply wish to utilize a lab for a few days, search no more, you just found Minimal Fab.

The access of actual Mega Fabs proves to be challenging due to their specific localization, restricted access, and high costs. This difficulty in accessing such facilities and knowledge is where Minimal Fab can truly cater to your creativity, thirst for knowledge, and training needs. By establishing a semiconductor fabrication without the requirement of a cleanroom and utilizing only approximately half-inch wafers (specifically 12.5 mm in diameter), Minimal Fab offers numerous solutions tailored to your individual projects. Feel free to delve deeper into this technology and reach out to us with any inquiries.



Customer Challenges

Device prototyping requires several rounds of trial and error, which can take from several months at the shortest to several years at the longest. Many devices are produced in a single try when fabricated in a typical “Mega Fab”, which is extremely time-consuming and costly. In addition, the prototyping of special or expensive materials that are difficult to produce on larger wafers is also a hurdle in terms of technology and cost.


Yokogawa's Solution

Minimal Fab enables prototyping from a single device. The current Minimal Fab exposure process uses a maskless method, which dramatically increases the speed of research and development. Since masks are not used, it is easy to change the mask layout using CAD, which significantly reduces the cost of prototyping.
If you have a device that you would like to realize, do not hesitate to contact us. See our brochure Minimal Device Prototyping (1.9MB)

Customer Case: Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Small-scale integrated circuit prototyping (March 2021)

We are pleased to report that Yokogawa Solution Services Corporation has successfully completed a small-scale integrated circuit prototype using the Minimal Fab front-end tools installed in our in-house application laboratory, making us the first private company to do so. We conducted the prototype under contract with JAXA.

Key Points
1) Based on the SOI-CMOS "Technology 2018" for Minimal Fab developed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Yokogawa has successfully developed a small-scale integrated circuit prototype, with an optimization for Yokogawa Minimal Application Laboratory.
2) Oscilloscope waveform measurements confirmed the normal circuit operation (Fig. 3).
3) The normal operation of the arithmetic circuit was confirmed in the power supply voltage range from 3 V to 1.7 V (Fig. 4).
4) After packaging, we confirmed of the operation of all ~1,000 transistors.

Future Development

After establishing a design environment in collaboration with a circuit design company, we will create a PDK for prototyping and widely solicit prototypes of the device.



*The purpose of this prototype is to study the quality assurance methods, including process reproducibility, in order to promote Minimal Fabs as a device supply system for the extremely small number of devices required for spacecraft.

Facility Setup

Customer's Challenge

Building a semiconductor production line from scratch requires extensive expertise in equipment, utilities, and regulations, as well as facility construction experience. It also involves meeting with many equipment manufacturers and contractors to discuss specifications and coordinate schedules.
Doing these tasks on your own requires a great deal of time and effort, which in turn puts pressure on your core business and can lead to a decrease in productivity.


Yokogawa's Solution

Our engineers, who have a wide range of expertise and construction experience, will propose a safe and easy-to-operate facility environment that considers regulations such as the Construction Industry Law, toxic substances control, and high-pressure gas safety.

Example of Facility Setup


High-mix, Low-volume

Customer Issues

With the advent of the IoT(*1) era, there is a growing need for high-mix, low-volume semiconductor production.
Currently, mass production at Mega Fabs results in production that does not meet the required quantity, resulting in high costs.


Yokogawa's Solution

With Minimal Fabs, it is possible to manufacture semiconductors from a single unit.
This allows you to produce only what you need, when you need it, eliminating waste and significantly reducing costs.
In addition, the initial investment is only a few hundred million to several billion yen, and running costs are also much lower because clean rooms are not required.
We suggest that even customers without existing factories should explore the possibility of establishing in-house semiconductor facilities with Minimal Fab.



[*1] IoT: Internet of Things describes devices with sensors, processing ability, software and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks.

Short Turnaround Time

Customer Issues

In the manufacture of semiconductors at Mega Fabs, it is common for mask fabrication to be costly and time-consuming, requiring several months to complete.
Therefore, there is a considerable time lag in feedback from the customer for review and modification.

Yokogawa's Solution

With Minimal Fab, mask fabrication is no longer necessary because of direct exposure, and semiconductors can be completed in a few days.
Thus, there is no time lag contrary to Mega Fabs. Minimal Fab has a short turnaround time(*2), which is extremely useful for device prototyping.


Mega Fab: It takes several months to complete a mask to produce large volume devices.

Minimal Fab: Direct exposure using a digital micro mirror device (DMD) eliminates the need for mask production time. Digital masks can be completed in a few days. The single exposure allows a fast result feedback, which is a feature of this system.

[*2]Turnaround Time: In the field of semiconductors, the term "turnaround time" refers to the total time required to complete a manufacturing process or a specific task, from the initiation to the final delivery. It encompasses all the stages involved in the production cycle, including design, fabrication, testing, and any other relevant processes.


Customer Challenges

In the past, the transition of R&D results to actual production required repeated adjustment and verification of each of the hundreds of processes involved.
This transition requires a considerable amount of time, and in some cases, the production phase may not be reached as a result.


Yokogawa's Solution

Minimal Fab seamlessly integrates R&D and production by using the same tools, effectively addressing the challenging and time-consuming issues associated with using different tools for each phase. Its advanced standardization ensures a smooth transition to the production phase without delay. 
Minimal Fab takes the standardization to a new level of convenience, encompassing not only the size of each tool, but also the use of 0.5-inch wafers encapsulated in a standardized minimal shuttle (see the videos tab). 
Additionally, each tool has the same standardized user interface, featuring an automatic mode, a manual mode, and a maintenance mode. This enables both experts and novices to operate the same equipment efficiently and facilitates the knowledge transfer.





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