OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer


OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer is a revolutionary service that calculates the carbon footprint of OT facilities and equipment throughout the supply chain. Leveraging energy-related data, raw material information, manufacturing specifics, shipping details, and more collected from factories, this cloud-operated service ensures precise measurement and reporting of Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) data, meeting regulatory standards.



Comprehensive Emission Understanding

Gather data from diverse sources, assets, and locations, for a holistic understanding of greenhouse gas scope 1,2,3 emissions.



Enhanced Reporting & Regulatory Compliance

Accurate data collection ensures your compliance with environmental regulations related to emissions reporting. 


Identify Green House Gas (GHG) Hotspots

Gain invaluable insights to strategically prioritize areas for emissions reduction and efficiency enhancements.




The Imperative for Climate Action in the Process Industry

Climate change is propelled by the release of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The process industry contributes 8% to global industrial greenhouse gas emissions, emphasizing its pivotal role in reduction efforts. About one-third of a chemical company's emissions come from product manufacturing (Scope 1 and 2). To ensure accurate carbon accounting and achieve climate targets, it's crucial to track emissions across the entire value chain, including upstream and downstream activities (Scope 3), as per the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG P).


Accurate data is essential for achieving emission targets

There are many challenges the process industries face in the reduction of  Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions. Addressing these challenges requires a comprehensive and integrated approach, involving technology, policy adherence, and organizational commitment to sustainability. 


Meeting regulatory GHG standards & Decarbonization

Staying up-to-date and compliant with evolving environmental regulations and standards, which may vary across regions and industries, and aligning emission reporting with decarbonization goals and targets.

Secure availability of emission-related OT production data

Ensuring accurate and comprehensive data collection for all emission scopes, especially in industries with complex and dispersed operations.

Integration of OT/IT Systems 

Overcoming difficulties in integrating operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) systems to streamline data collection and reporting processes.


Go beyond CFP visualization with OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer 

OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer automates data collection and CO2 emission calculations, ensuring fast and accurate assessment in compliance with the latest regulations. It offers tangible evidence for managing emissions across scopes 1 to 3. Benefit from leveraging Yokogawa's experience to securely collect OT data with evidence and complement your Scope 1-2 data with Scope 3 emission data thanks to integration with leading IT software suppliers.


Scope 1, 2 GHG Reporting & Dashboard

Prepare Scope 1, 2 emissions data for compliance and voluntary ESG reporting frameworks with an extensive platform built on the GHG Protocol. 

Scope 3 GHG Reporting & Dashboard

Determine the upstream and downstream greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within your organization by employing methodologies endorsed by the GHG Protocol.


We go beyond visualizing CO2 emissions by offering reduction consulting through EMS and supply chain optimization. Yokogawa's solutions optimize energy consumption and raw material procurement, aiding in substantial emissions reduction. Drawing on this expertise, we provide tailored reduction planning consultations and solutions. With OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer, we ensure a precise understanding of PCF emissions, facilitating effective and targeted reduction strategies for your business.


sus manager icon CFT for Sustainability Managers

For sustainability managers who need to stay compliant with local and federal laws and CO2 reduction strategies and are implementing measures to align with Net Zero CO2 goals, OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer streamlines PCF management, supported by evidence, facilitating optimization.

ops manager icon CFT for Operation Manager

For operation managers who need to realize efficient carbon reduction, OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer provides invaluable insights to strategically prioritize areas for emissions reduction and efficiency enhancements.



Key benefits of OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer include:



Holistic Compliance

Ensure adherence to PACT's Pathfinder Framework with an embedded Product Carbon Footprint management function, simplifying carbon footprint compliance.


Precision in Production

Utilize a specialized Production Footprint Calculator for process industries, leveraging DCS/SCADA control data for accurate manufacturing evidence.


Digital Twin Precision

Enhance accuracy with an Operational Technology (OT) Digital Twin generated from P&ID graphics, offering a comprehensive view of the production footprint


Industry-Tailored Optimization

Optimize manufacturing processes with a solution tailored to the unique needs of process industries, fostering efficient and informed decision-making.


Effortless Data Management

Seamlessly retrieve data from DCS/SCADA/MES/ERP systems with the support of an OT Data Lake and OT Digital Twin, streamlining data retrieval processes.


Cloud-Driven Edge Efficiency

Enhance real-time data collection through the Edge Gateway in factories, supported by cloud-based services for scalability and accessibility, ensuring efficient data gathering.


Partner with Yokogawa to achieve your sustainability goals

By combining SAP's products with YOKOGAWA's DATA collection and control technology, OpreX Carbon Footprint Tracer stands as the world's first European standards-ready service for process manufacturing. This innovative solution reinforces our commitment to supporting customers' decarbonization efforts.


Our Promise to You:



Technological Integrity

Built on a foundation of technology, domain kowledge, and experience, we partner with leading policy-makers, IT companies, and innovators.



Secure Emission Data Availability

Streamline OT and IT PCF data collection from diverse sources, assets, and locations, replacing labor-intensive methods. Safeguard the integrity of data measurements from factories to prevent tampering.


Continuous Collaboration

Share insights and facilitate collaboration among leaders, staff, stakeholders, and suppliers.



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