Sequence of Events (Exaquantum/SER)

Exaquantum/SER is an event driven integrated reporting system that acquires alarm & event messages and point data from plant monitoring and control systems, and stores this information in a single database for ease of analysis.

Sequence of Events Reports are generated on request from Exaquantum/SER web clients. The user initially defines a time period for the report content, which results in all messages from all available sources being displayed, allowing investigation into the source of a plant shutdown or trip. The combination of an integrated Sequence of Events and Trip Reporting System with a powerful trip report configuration tool and web based user interface makes Exaquantum/SER the best solution for analysing plant issues to reduce downtime

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  • Integrated view of alarm and event messages provides users with visibility across the site for improved analysis
  • Increases user efficiency when performing RCAs and trip analysis
  • Allows past incidents to be further analyzed for failure patterns
  • Regulatory compliance is supported by the availability of a detailed audit trail

Key Features

  • Intuitive web user interface providing access to a centralized database of alarm and event messages
  • At-a-glance overview of the latest events and trips
  • Users can see the details surrounding trip occurrences
  • Data can be exported to a .csv file for use in external applications, such as Microsoft Excel
  • Dashboard entry screen immediately highlighting areas of concern
  • Access to custom filters via shortcut links


Service Description Yokogawa Deliverables
Alarm & Event Analysis ✓ Report of current state of Alarm
✓ Statistics of Alarm & Events
✓ Statistics of manual interventions
✓ Top 5 Bad actors for Alarms
Alarm Philosophy ✓ Alarm Philosophy document compliant with ISA 18.2 standards
Fundamental Nuisance Alarm Reduction ✓ Report of the Nuisance alarms in the plant
✓ Root cause for the Nuisance alarms
✓ Countermeasures to prevent alarming for the Nuisance alarms
✓ Report containing the before and after improvements from this service
ISA 18.2/EEMUA#191 based Alarm System Design
(Consultation & Training)
✓ Report of the current Alarm state and the gaps in design compared to standards
✓ Support in the design of the new Alarm system as per standards
✓ Training on conducting Documentation & Rationalization exercise
ISA 18.2/EEMUA#191 based Alarm System Design
(Software & Training)
✓ Installation, commissioning and training of Exaquantum\AMD to establish Alarm Master design database
Operation State based Alarm Management
(Consultation & Training)
✓ Report of the current state of Alarm set points for various operation conditions in the plant
✓ Design of the new Dynamic Alarm Management
Operation State based Alarm Management
(Software & Training)
✓ Installation, Commissioning and training of AAASuite/Exapilot for Dynamic Alarm Management
Alarm Monitoring & Improvisation
✓ Report of current state of Alarm
✓ Statistics of Alarm & Events
✓ Statistics of Manual Interventions
✓ Areas of improvisation based on current state of Alarms
Alarm Monitoring & Improvisation
(Software & Training)
✓ Installation, Commissioning and training of Exaquantum\ARA for Alarm monitoring and reporting

Operations within process-based industries are generally controlled and monitored by a variety of systems such as Distributed Control Systems (DCSs), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), Programmable Emergency Shutdown Systems (PESSs) and Machine Monitoring Systems (MMSs).

When there is a plant upset, a plant trip or an emergency shutdown, a sequence of messages will be generated by each of these systems.

Using Exaquantum/SER, event messages from all systems can be integrated into a single database. This enables cross-platform analysis to be provided for the whole plant.

Collecting alarms and events surrounding a trip or shutdown allows the root cause to be quickly located and remedial action to be taken.

System ArchitectureWeb Based Reports Viewing
By making reports available as web pages, the information can be accessed from any networked PC through Microsoft Internet Explorer without the need for specific client software. Active server pages are used, enabling data to be displayed, sorted, filtered and then saved for future viewing or printed to a local printer.

Utilizing all Monitoring and Control Data
By integrating alarm & event messages and point data from all monitoring and control systems, a more detailed picture of overall plant activity is available.

Configured Reports for Specific Users
The Trip Report Configuration Tool may be used to configure trip reports for specific users. For example, a user controlling a process within a unit may create a trip report to show the status of all unit values for a particular event such as an increase in pressure or temperature above a maximum value. It is then possible to quickly isolate the cause.

Trip Report Configuration Tool : The Trip Report Configuration Tool allows users to configure trip conditions for a specified event source and category. Multiple trips can be configured.

Trip Monitor: As messages are received, they are compared against configured trip conditions. Matching messages are detected by a Trip Monitor, which then triggers the copying of alarms, events and point data in the Historian's trip database. Pre-trip and post-trip time spans are configurable for collecting alarm and events and process data.

Web Based Reports: Exaquantum/SER's powerful reporting features are provided to users through a number of standard web pages.

Trip Report: The data to be displayed in a trip report is defined using the Trip Report Configuration Tool. Through on-screen selections, the user is further provided with the option of specifying a time period for which to display data.

The following report configuration features are provided by the user interface:

  • A unique name and description for the report
  • Up to eight conditions for event attributes
  • A pre and post event time span for which messages and point data are included in the report

Integrated view of alarm and event messages

  • Integrates alarm, events and process data from all site monitoring and control systems, providing users with a more detailed picture of overall plant activities
  • Alarm, events and process data collected from different sources are stored in a central database available for root cause analysis
  • Trip alarms, events and trip configured process data is stored into a central database for long term storage and available for web based trip analysis and reports

Exaquantum/SER interfaces through OPC to a wide range of sub-systems, including:

  • DCSs - Yokogawa, Honeywell, Foxboro, Emerson etc.
  • Triconix
  • Modbus
  • Hathaway
  • ABB
  • Speedtronic
  • GE-Mark VI
  • Bently Nevada

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