OpreX Asset Health Insights

OpreX Asset Health Insights

Unified cloud-based asset management and monitoring service to eliminate unplanned downtime and increase operational efficiencies.


Improved productivity with right-time maintenance

OpreX Asset Health Insights collects, refines, and aggregates operational data from distributed assets using IoT sensors. The service provides a 360° view across your operations using real-time data to help inform critical business decisions.

Built on decades of industry experience, OT domain knowledge, and supported by the latest IT technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud, Yokogawa Asset Health Insights proactively monitors your assets and devices providing smarter insights faster. 



Any asset type

Monitor any type of assets from sensors to pumps, chillers, compressors, turbines, and many others.


360° view

Examine each asset and situation from every angle, interact with data and explore what-if scenarios using real-time and historical benchmark data.


AI & Analytics 

Predict future events using real-time operational data, take action before an asset fails and productivity is disrupted. 


Gain an Insight into your asset through our interactive dashboard  

The product of decades of deep domain experience, the Asset Health Insights dashboard leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to track and present data from every asset across your operation:

  • Understand the status of your operation in real time
  • Investigate alerts
  • View detailed asset data down to the datasheet
  • Confirm situations
  • Act immediately



Real-time Efficiencies and Predictability

OpreX Asset Health Insights provides real-time intelligence to help monitor operational performance, perform predictive maintenance, flag anomalies, and take action before a disruption or failure occurs: 



As​​​​​set benchmarking & KPIs 

Set performance metrics using targets and historical data. Generate alerts for under-performance. Offer insights to enhance asset efficiency.


Energy management

Monitor asset efficiency and energy usage. Get alerts for exceeding thresholds. Identify and address excessive energy consumption.


Predictive Maintenance

Anticipate anomalies, reduce spare parts cost, improve safety, minimize asset downtime, and prevent production loss.


Critical Alerts

Generate and prioritize alerts across plant, system, and asset levels. Facilitate collaborative problem-solving for multiple responsible teams.

cloud icon

Cloud Agnostic

OpreX Asset Health Insights can deployed on any cloud, including AWS, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud.


Integrate Industrial Assets

Connect any industrial asset – Field Devices, PLC, DCS,  SCADA, Historian, or ERP – with pre-loaded drivers to minimize any programming required.



Recent Use Cases

IoT Maintenance use case

IIoT Sensor Pump Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Yokogawa’s OpreX Asset Health Insights connected all pump sensors and presented all data on pump activity via a user-friendly dashboard for our mining customer to oversee and execute predictive maintenance once anomalies are detected.

Feautures included: IoT water quality sensors connected to Yokogawa Cloud collect real-time data (pH, DO, ORP, salinity & temperature). • Video Analytics with Machine Learning. • Cloud-based dashboard.

wellhead use case

Optimizing Wellhead Pressure Monitoring

Yokogawa’s OpreX Asset Health Insights was deployed to tackle the challenge of monitoring wellhead pressure in different locations of a large Oil & Gas company and identifying abnormal pressure trends for early intervention. The deployment of IoT sensors and Anomaly Detection provided early warnings and organized alerts, enabling early anomaly detection and improving response time.

chiller use case

Optimizing Chiller Performance 

For food & beverage producer in Singapore who faced issue with rising energy utilities bill, Asset Health Insight helped to improve their chiller efficiency and performance. As one of the most energy consuming equipment in the plant, Yokogawa helped customer to optimize the chiller performance by leverage AI/ML method to suggest optimum set point for the chiller. As a result, customer can show significant reduction of their energy consumption compared before implementing the chiller optimization.


Enabling Smart Aqua-Farming

A client in the aquaculture industry leverages Asset Health Insights to optimize maintenance procedures and monitor  water tank conditions, shrimp health, and process productivity in real-time via the cloud. Through data from probe sensors, AHI enhances automation in maintaining water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen, pH levels, salinity, and temperature. 


Enhancing Pump Performance and Efficiency

As part of their digital transformation, a South American refiner improved maintenance and operational parameters to reduce downtime and costs. Asset Health Insights enhances pump efficiency by collecting data on various parameters, identifying performance gaps and potential energy savings. AI alerts on-site engineers of abnormal processes. With Asset Health, the client achieved improved product quality, reliability, pump efficiency, and warranty programs. 

solar plant dashboard

Monitoring Solar Power Plant Performance

For a solar plant in Singapore, AHI was implemented to seamlessly integrate solar inverter data for comprehensive analysis. It allowed the client to accurately forecast energy production based on various factors and identify key factors impacting solar power generation for optimization.

AHI proactively detects deviations in inverter behavior to prevent downtime analyzing variables' impact on performance for optimization. Hence, AHI allowed the company to gain insights into parameter relationships for data-driven decision-making.


Asset Health Inisghts Packages

Additional packages are available to address specific user scenarios or needs on a case-by-case basis:


APR-APM screenshot

Utilize built-in Subject Matter Expertise (SME) for swift evaluation of process and equipment parameters, facilitating effective decision-making. 



Blending Subject Matter Expertise in vibration analysis with advanced analytics. Tailored for diagnosing defects in specific rotating machine components. 



A module tailored to encompasses key performance indicator (KPI) calculations relevant to Geothermal plants.




A module to enhance asset (pump) performance, reduce energy consumption, improve safety, and cut costs. It includes standard KPI calculations for Boiler Equipment plants. 



Monitor leaks in conveyors or pipes. This modeule offers distance tracking, segmentation, temperature-distance correlation, and alert management. 

3D Space


This module offers a lightweight Digital Twin experience, providing both 3D visualization and analytical capabilities. Users can edit and configure meshes through AHI's 3D Space Workshop.  


Asset Energy Management (EEMS)


 EEMS connects various IoT devices, such as sensors, meters, controllers, and building management systems, to efficiently manage and reduce energy consumption in utilities and energy processes.

More information about EEMS.

Smart Asset Viewer 

smart asset viewer

The Smart Asset Viewer provides an integration with Viewport.AI, which simplifies access to various office documents, CAD drawings, scans, images, and equipment data with a seamless interface regardless of the source or system.



The 3 Core Modules of Asset Health Insights

Asset Health Insights offers essential applications for rapid OT/IoT development. Users can quickly connect and build asset-centric solutions with 3 core applications whcih work independently but are fully integrated within a unified platform for easy and secure management:


Data Management Module: Optimal Data Integration & Calculation

  • Streamline data integration for assets, processes, and energy.
  • Aggregate and implement First-Principle models to create asset models.
  • Set up alarms/alerts for timely notifications.
  • Calculate KPIs and EnPls for performance evaluation.
  • Establish plant hierarchy according to ISA95 standard.



Data Insight Module: Performance Visualization & Reporting

  • Develop dashboards based on integrated data for easy monitoring.
  • Analyze correlations, KPIs, and EnPls for performance overview.
  • Identify potential failure modes with actionable recommendations.
  • Discover opportunities for efficiency improvements and energy savings.
  • Schedule and distribute customized reports.



Data Analytics Module: Data Analysis & Performance Optimization

  • Utilize clustering, regression, and machine learning techniques.
  • Pre-process data for optimization and anomaly detection.
  • Predict targets and forecast energy usage.
  • Identify variable importance and recognize patterns for insights.


How to get started with OpreX Asset Health Insights

STEP 1: Asset strategy & placement

We help you identify all of the operational assets you want to track. Our Quick Connect process enables data sharing in minutes with new and existing sensors to track information such as pressure, flow, temperature, vibration, and other use cases.


STEP 2: Data and process configuration

Data collected is cleaned and optimized within the Yokogawa Cloud. We configure Asset Health Insights to monitor KPIs, failure criteria and other benchmarks you care about–with alerts and notifications for better situational awareness.

STEP 3: Monitoring and management

Business leaders and plant managers use real-time information from Asset Health Insights to examine and analyze the operation, taking action as needed. 

With a ‘self-service’ feature to focus on agility and module configuration,  you can ensure the speed, scaling, and easy maintenance of your assets without having to wait for help from a developer or specialist.



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Asset Health Insights is a complete, scalable, and dependable cloud-based service serving as an important step in your digital transformation journey. It is powered by Yokogawa Cloud and allows for a quick and simple setup that is infrastructure agnostic. Yokogawa supports clients with IIoT and smart manufacturing use-case identification.

Company leaders and plant managers rely on Asset Health Insights to support important business objectives:

Corporate leadership 


  • Drive digital transformation
  • Manage change
  • Maximize operational efficiencies
  • Reduce risk to people, the environment and the business


Technology leadership 
(CIO, CTO, IT director)


  • Streamlined systems
  • Data accuracy, security, and integrations
  • Define and achieve success metrics for operational efficiencies and performance

Plant management
(Production, ops, maintenance, reliability)


  • Understand asset performance
  • Safety of staff and assets
  • Asset reliability / availability
  • Ongoing operational efficiencies and plant productivity





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