Power Performance Calculations (Exaquantum/PPC)

Power plant operators have been analyzing plant performance for many years using a variety of techniques. This information has typically been available to only a select number of users such as process engineers, leaving the broader community oblivious to this important information.

Exaquantum/PPC makes this information available to all relevant users in a form which can be readily understood enabling broader usage and thus greater benefits to the business as a whole.

Exaquantum/PPC is especially beneficial for users of Yokogawa distributed control and plant information systems (DCS and PIMS) as it leverages the existing infrastructure and presents performance information using consistent graphical formats in a familiar environment. Equally it can be applied to any other installed systems by leveraging open standards.


  • Calculates the efficiencies of primary and auxiliary power plant equipment such as boilers and turbines, plus overall plant efficiency from the operation data collected by Exaquantum PIMS
  • Acquires data via OPC DA and HDA interfaces from other vendors systems
  • ideal for replacing existing obsolete Systems used for performance calculations
  • Catch-up on missing data after a temporary communication failure
  • Easy integration with Yokogawa DCS graphics to leverage the existing resources for a graphical and dynamic display of calculation results
  • An Excel add-in report generation function (Microsoft Office 2010- compatible) enables reusable reports to be tailored for each user
  • Incorporates standard templates containing tagged performance calculation blocks based on ASME PTC where tailored calculation blocks are also available

Exaquantum/PPC Coal Fired

  • Key performance indicators are available in real-time to all relevant users and decision makers
  • Provides guidance on equipment replacement by identifying bottlenecks and performance deficiencies in key plant assets
  • Effective monitoring brings improved power plant efficiency through continuous improvement
  • Early diagnosis of problems serves as a guide to maintenance for the optimal frequency of activities required to ensure improved reliability and performance
  • Reduced fuel consumption and improved productivity, resulting in improved profitability, reduced emissions and environmental impact
  • Identification of equipment degradation and controllable losses - Improved thermal efficiency through heat balance analysis
  • Timely decision making based upon validated information and reduced measurement errors - Improved overall power plant performance and efficiency
  • Facilitates what-if analysis on plant performance

Exaquantum/PPC Report

Types of Power Plant Equipment Supported

Exaquantum/PPC supports a wide range of Power Plants including the following elements:

  • Feedwater Heaters
  • Boilers
  • Steam/Water Heat Exchangers
  • Steam Turbine Generators
  • Gas Turbines
  • Condensers

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