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44 regasification terminals use Yokogawa's DCS.

Advanced Terminal Unit Control (ATUC) and Advanced Gas Send-out Control
Yokogawa's field-proven Advanced Terminal Unit Control (ATUC) and advanced gas send-out control technologies enhance unit management and simplify operator decision-making during the startup and shutdown of major plant assets, thus preventing inconsistent operating conditions. Through Enhanced Unit Management (EUM) concepts such as optimized load sharing, our customers can increase the operational efficiency and life span of their plants' major equipment. ATUC greatly improves the stability of gas send-out by anticipating disturbances such as a pump being switched off by an operator. Although simple continuous feedback control can also respond to such disturbances, the time needed to recover always incurs a loss. Only Yokogawa offers ATUC. A VigilantPlant® library of ATUC and other engineering templates are also available.



Integrated Automation System [CENTUM VP]
Open Rack Vaporizer

  • LNG Flow Control
  • Seawater Flow Control
  • NG Out Temperature Over-Ride Function
  • Seawater Pump Control
  • Startup/Shutdown Sequence Control

Submerged Combustion Vaporizer

  • LNG Flow Control
  • Send Out Gas Temperature Control
  • NOx Reducing Water Control
  • Combustion Air Flow Control
  • Fuel Gas Flow Control
  • Startup/Shutdown Sequence Control 

BOG Compressor

  • Compressor Start / Stop Control
  • Capacitance Control for Tank Pressure
  • Kickback Flow Control
  • Packaged PLC Functions
  • Suction Drum Level Control
  • Suction Drum Gas Temperature Control 

BOG Recondenser

  • LNG Flow Control
  • Drum Level Control
  • Drum Pressure Control


  • Pump Start/Stop Control
  • Kickback Flow Control

Send Out Control

  • Send Out Header Pressure Control
  • Total Gas Flow Control
  • Send Out Gas Calorie Control
  • Gas Odorization Flow Control
  • Uncontrolled Gas Flow Feed-forward Function

LNG Tank

  • Tank Inlet Mixing Line Valve Control
  • Tank Pressure Control
  • Level, Temperature, and Density Monitoring
  • Packaged System Function

LNG Unloading

  • Circulation Flow Control
  • Return Gas Pressure Control
  • Unloading Lineup Control

Flare Vent System

  • Flare Pressure Control
  • Flare Firing Function
  • Vent Pressure Control 

Plant Master Logic

  • Priority Control
  • Demand Auto Start/Stop Function
  • Trip Recovering Function

Safety Instrumented System [ProSafe-RS]

  • Process Safety System
  • Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
  • Fire & Gas System (FGS)

Operator Training System [Omegaland]

Plant Information Management System [Exaquantum]

Asset Management System [PRM]

Flow Computer [STARDOM]

Field Sensors

  • Pressure Transmitter for Process [EJA]
  • Flow Transmitter for Process [EJA / YEWFLO]
  • Level Transmitter for Process [EJA]
  • Temperature Transmitters [YTA]
  • Coriolis Mass Flowmeter [ROTAMASS]

Analytical Products

  • Gas Chromatographs [GC1000MarkII]
    Change to model "GC8000"

3rd Party Equipment Integration

  • Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
  • Tank Gauging System (TGS)
  • Berth Monitoring System (BMS)
  • Unloading Arms Packaged System Function
  • On-line Gas Metering
  • Machine Monitoring System (MMS)
  • Pipeline Management System (PMS)
  • Plant Information Management System (PIMS)
  • Laboratory Management Information System (LIMS)
  • Dynamic Training Simulator (OTS)
  • Gas Management System (GMS)


Vue générale:
  • World's largest LNG terminal relies on CENTUM to maximize safety and reliability.
  • It is very important for KOGAS to be able to adjust flexibly to shifts in demand in the gas that it supplies to power plants, industrial companies, and residences.
Vue générale:
  • DCS, SIS, PRM with FOUNDATION fieldbus and OTS Installed in Thailand First LNG Terminal.
  • Alarms are issued before any device fails completely, enabling predictive maintenance that reduces maintenance costs throughout the facility lifecycle.
Vue générale:
  • Yokogawa provides CENTUM CS 3000 and ProSafe-RS for the largest LNG terminal in Europe.
  • Yokogawa's OmegaLand plant operator training simulator (OTS) helps to reduce costs, optimize LNG terminal processes.
Vue générale:
  • World's first offshore regasification terminal relies on Yokogawa ICSS (CENTUM CS 3000, ProSafe-RS).
  • LNG carrier scheduling, unloading, tank storage, and vaporizing are all procedure based operations.
Vue générale:
  • Legacy ProSafe-PLC SIS replaced with ProSafe-RS to improve sustainable lifecycle support at LNG terminal.
  • The seamless use of the same HMI for both PCS and SIS, and improved safety and integrity.
Vue générale:
  • Scalable, flexible configuration with functions distributed to multiple controllers on a facility basis
  • Redundant architecture optimally designed for requirements of entire plant
  • General-purpose communications network used for control bus
  • Integrated operation environment through web-based human-machine interface (HMI)
Vue générale:

An automatic custody transfer system for unmanned LNG gas stations that embeds PC oriented functions such as e-mail, FTP, and the Java runtime environment in a robust hybrid controller.

Vue générale:

Over the past decade, companies have been using unconventional drilling technology to extract gas and liquid from the readily available shale formations in North America. As the industry gains experience, the production rates continue to rise based on better use of technology to locate resources and to decrease the time from exploration to production.

Vue générale:

As LNG moves from a niche to a major area of the oil and gas industry, experienced suppliers are required to deliver the technologies that support it. 

Vue générale:

July 2010

Martin te Lintelo, Yokogawa Europe B.V., The Netherlands, discusses high level control system design for LNG receiving terminals. As demand for LNG increases worldwide, players face seemingly conflicting challenges. On one hand, they must expand capacity in different regions, make the business and production as agile and adaptive as possible, and improve operational efficiency.

Vue générale:

The LNG sector presents challenges for the automation supplier, particularly in the implementation of automation systems for regasification terminals. Yokogawa Europe's business development manager, upstream oil and gas Martin te Lintelo looks at the handling of the potential automation-related problem areas and opportunities.

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