36% of liquefaction plants use Yokogawa's DCS.
39% of liquefaction plants employ Yokogawa's APC solutions.

Advanced Process Control
Yokogawa's Advanced Process Control (APC) technology enables LNG plant managers to flexibly change their operating strategies to meet annual production targets, maximizing production when demand is at a peak and maximizing energy efficiency during periods of lean demand. The technology also allows plant managers to frequently change their operating strategies and maximize the production of either LPG or LNG in response to fluctuating product prices.

Relaxing the control of LPG and LNG specifications can result in severely off-specification products, and so most plants operate above the minimum specifications. Yokogawa's APC stabilizes the plant and enables operation closer to the minimum specifications, which is a major benefit for LNG plants. Projects have shown an excellent return on investment, a remarkable improvement in the stability of plant operation, and a major reduction in manual intervention.

Les défis

At Oman LNG, OTS training is a major focus for operational efficiency. Operators and trainers are required to deal with various scenarios such as emergency response and malfunction before being assigned to work at the actual plant.

Yokogawa’s “OmegaLand” is a powerful OTS simulator product that dynamically simulates processes in an actual plant and is used to model the processes at Oman LNG. Having been used for over one year now, the OTS is accurately modeling the overall process and requires no further adjustment. It reproduces a robust, stable, inter-linking dynamic process model that simulates the same operating environment as the actual plant.

Oman LNG will continue to apply new technologies and solutions to ensure stable and efficient operation of its facilities.


Video:Dynamic Plant Simulator at Oman LNG





Distributed Control System [CENTUM VP]
LNG Process

  • Sulfur Removal Unit
  • CO2 Removal Unit
  • Dehydration Unit
  • Mercury Removal Unit
  • Fuel Gas Compressor Unit
  • Fractionation Unit
  • Refrigeration Unit
  • Propane Compressor Unit
  • MR Compressor Unit
  • Liquefaction Unit


  • N2 Unit
  • Generator Unit
  • Cooling Water Unit
  • Waste Water Unit
  • Boiler Unit
  • Electrical Distribution Unit

Storage & Loading

  • LNG / LPG Transfer Line
  • LNG / LPG Tank Storage
  • Condensate Unit
  • BOG Compressor
  • Flare Unit

Safety Instrumented System [ProSafe-RS]

  • Process Safety System
  • Emergency Shutdown System (ESD)
  • Fire & Gas System (FGS)
  • High Integrity Process Protection System (HIPPS)

Operator Training System [Omegaland]

Advanced Process Control [APC]

  • Multivariable Predictive Control [Exasmoc]
  • Quality Estimator [Exarqe]
  • Surge Volume Control [Exacoast]

Plant Information Management System [Exaquantum]
Asset Management System [PRM]
Flow Computer [STARDOM]
Field Sensors

  • Pressure Transmitter for Process [EJA]
  • Flow Transmitter for Process [EJA / YEWFLO]
  • Level Transmitter for Process [EJA]
  • Temperature Transmitters [YTA]
  • Coriolis Mass Flowmeter [ROTAMASS]

Analytical Products

  • Gas Chromatographs [GC1000MarkII]
    Change to model "GC8000"

Equipment Integration

  • Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)
  • Tank Gauging System (TGS)
  • Machine Monitoring System (MMS)
  • Pipeline Management System (PMS)
  • Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Dynamic Training Simulator (DTS)
  • Motor Operated Valve (MOV)
  • Analyzer Package


Vue générale:
  • Operator training system for the critical LNG processes had been built to reduce human errors and achieve operational excellence.
  • The high fidelity modeling of LNG liquefaction process closely matches the behavior and operational environment of the actual plant.
Vue générale:
  • A phased upgrade approach from CENTUM CS to CENTUM VP was planned to meet tight LNG carriers schedules.
  • The collaboration using CENTUM VP and APC provides optimization of gas liquefaction operation.
Vue générale:
  • OTS for familialization of liquefaction processes and operator training.
  • Yokogawa's integrated solutions contribute to safe and steady production at gas liquefaction plant in Norway.
Vue générale:

Over the past decade, companies have been using unconventional drilling technology to extract gas and liquid from the readily available shale formations in North America. As the industry gains experience, the production rates continue to rise based on better use of technology to locate resources and to decrease the time from exploration to production.

Vue générale:

As LNG moves from a niche to a major area of the oil and gas industry, experienced suppliers are required to deliver the technologies that support it. 

Vue générale:

LNG Industry, Summer 2012

Martin te Lintelo, Yokogawa, The Netherlands, discusses the need for better automation, measurement and control instruments to cope with the rising popularity of LNG.

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