From design through project execution, operations and maintenance, Yokogawa makes it possible for manufacturers to maintain Operational Excellence over the entire plant lifecycle.

  • Pre-FEED Consulting Services

    Yokogawa is transforming and changing its focus from products to customers, providing value in projects together with our customers. Yokogawa is actively involved in the pre-FEED stage, where it can work with the owner and EPC to anticipate and resolve difficulties in project and technology integration.

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  • Aide à la prise de décision

    Advanced Decision Support est une méthodologie de conseil basée sur des consultants Yokogawa spécialisés dans des domaines tels que l'ingénierie des connaissances et l'ergonomie.

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  • Gasoline Blending

    Achieving optimum blend property targets often proves difficult resulting in quality giveaway and/or re-processing to ensure customer expectations are met. Yokogawa has many years' experience in applying advanced process control techniques to the industries blending problems.

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