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Touch Screen Model:
Touch screen operator interface provides faster and more intuitive access to common functions.


Intuitive touch operation

  • Increases operator efficiency and menu navigation speed
  • Pressure-sensitive touch screen that gloved users can operate

Combined touch operation and key controls - your choice!

  • Use the touch screen to navigate all display and function menu selections, and to quickly input text information
  • Use the traditional control keys for all setting menu operations

Enhanced operation of your custom display screens

  • Build your own screens with the custom display functions
  • Operate a switch control or change a display with a touch of the screen

Easy search

  • Touch the calendar data search icon to quickly and easily search the trend history

Easy message, batch, login and electronic signature text entry (with /AS1 option)

  • Touch the screen to quickly and easily enter long batch and text messages
  • Login quickly to a secure DX; operators can select their username from a list and complete their login with the touch screen
  • Enter electronic signature - quickly examine trend history, approve the data, and enter signature comments with the touch screen
DX1000T_2 DX1000T_3
Touch operation on calendar display Touch operation for entering messages




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