Yokogawa Releases New UTAdvanced Series DIN Rail Mounting Type and 1/8 DIN Panel Type Controllers

Tokyo, Japan - April 23, 2015

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces that it will be releasing a number of new UTAdvanced® series controllers on April 24. The new controllers include four DIN rail*1 mounting type controllers and one 1/8 DIN panel type program controller. This is part of Yokogawa's ongoing effort to expand its controller business by satisfying market needs and giving customers a greater range of choices.

From left to right. 1/8 DIN panel type indicator, 1/4 DIN panel type controller, 1/8 DIN panel type controller, DIN rail mounting type controllers
From left to right.
1/8 DIN panel type indicator
1/4 DIN panel type controller
1/8 DIN panel type controller
DIN rail mounting type controllers

Development Background

UTAdvanced series controllers are mounted on furnaces and other types of heat process-related industrial facilities for the measurement, display, and control of operating variables such as temperature, pressure, and flow rate.

In recent years, it has become more common for equipment manufacturers to integrate the setting, manipulation, and display functions of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and other embedded control devices on touch panels and other types of user interfaces, and to mount the hardware on DIN rails inside panel boxes. There is an increasing need for such DIN rail mounting type controllers.

The UTAdvanced series controllers come in two sizes: 1/4 DIN and 1/8 DIN. While 1/4 DIN controllers are more popular because they have large display panels and provide a wider range of I/O signal choices, there are certain applications where space is at a premium that require a smaller device. For just such applications, Yokogawa has added more 1/8 DIN controllers to its product lineup.

Product Features

  1. DIN rail mounting type controllers
    New UT55A, UT52A, UT35A, and UT32A DIN rail mounting type controllers are now available. They all comply with the global DIN standard and thus can be easily mounted in panel boxes.
  2. 1/8 DIN panel type controllers
    With its 1/8 DIN product line-up, Yokogawa provides its customers a variety of space-saving options to choose from.
    • 1/8 DIN panel mounted program controller
      Compact in size, the new 1/8 DIN UP32A panel type program controller can control based on patterns that are preset along the time axis (program-pattern control).
    • 1/8 DIN dual-loop controller
      The cost-effective and space-saving dual-loop 1/8 DIN UT32A-D controller can carry out the functions of two controllers.
    • Non-isolated remote input option*2 for UT32A
      A new optional function is available for the UT32A that allows a target setpoint value to be remotely set via a signal from another instrument (UT32A/RSP).
    • Economy-type temperature controllers*2
      For customers who prefer a simple and cost-effective temperature controller design, the UT32A-R, UT32A-V, and UT32A-C single-output temperature controllers are now available. In contrast to conventional models that come with relay, voltage pulse, and current outputs, these new economy-type temperature controllers have just one output.

*1 A metal rail whose specifications conform to an international standard developed by the Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. 1/8 DIN corresponds to a front panel size of 96 mm × 48 mm, and 1/4 DIN corresponds to a front panel size of 96 m × 96 mm.

*2 Only available outside Japan

Major Target Markets

Companies that design and manufacture machinery, air conditioning systems, power equipment, and other items for use in industries such as electrical equipment, machinery, chemicals, foods, semiconductors, and automobiles


Measurement, display, and control of temperature, pressure, and flow rate; alarming; programmed control; and display of operating conditions in heating, cleaning, sterilization, and other processes in R&D and manufacturing

About the UTAdvanced Series

The UTAdvanced controller comes standard with a sequence control function based on the ladder logic programming language, which is widely used by engineers. Improved design efficiency and elimination of the need for relays and other peripherals have resulted in a lower price. As a result, this series has enjoyed great success in the market since its release in 2009.

The lineup includes:

  • Digital indicating/DIN rail mounting type controllers: UT55A, UT52A, UT35A, UT32A, UT75A
  • Program controllers that control based on patterns that are preset along the time axis (program-pattern control): UP55A, UP35A, UP32A
  • A digital indicator with an alarm function that outputs and displays alarm signals when input signals reach a preset value: UM33A


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