Safety Override Risk Management


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Yokogawa’s SORM - Safety Override Risk Management enables the management of Interlocks and Overrides, Critical Equipment and Barrier Management, all of which may affect functional safety, and layers of protection at site. Allowing visibility of current, future, and historical permitting workload, the system allows risk assessment of change, and highlights “overload risk” and provides additional dashboarding, monitoring and reporting functionality specific to these. 
From time to time, all plants have a need to disable key instruments, alarms, interlocks, and/or mechanical devices whether for maintenance or operational reasons. Yokogawa’s SORM module helps manage these outages, keeping all aware of status and requirements, whilst maintaining safe conditions.

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A failure to adequately monitor safety system defeats and their subsequent reconstitution has resulted in several serious industrial incidents. Traditional systems rely on manually linking documents to manage and monitor process changes, resulting in the following challenges:

  • An inability to be able to communicate in real time meaning a lack of ability to be able to keep up to date on barrier status and defeat duration
  • Planning and Communication difficulties
  • Inadequate understanding of the risks resultant from the change in functional safety
  • Difficulties in associating the safety change to related permits and isolations

Our Solution

When there is a change to the normal operating process which involves either the removal of or addition of a safety barrier within the system, Yokogawa’s SORM Module allows the user to:

  • Log and track all barrier defeats or safety device insertions 
  • Risk assess individual safety barrier changes using standard or customised techniques
  • Link to Management of Change and Permit to Work systems
  • Monitor and manage permits and isolations related to the safety barrier change
  • Ensure that once work is complete, the safety barrier is reconstituted and confirmed
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  • Enhanced understanding of sources of risk to prevent incidents and accidents
  • Gain a full and quick understanding of site activities
  • Reduce risk exposure from changes to safety systems such as overrides or defeats
  • A fully linked workflow with all other permitted activities

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