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Today, as companies all over the world strive for a competitive advantage in their businesses, they must at the same time find their way forward in a dramatically changed business environment rife with challenges such as the social issues expressed in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), rapid advances in digital technology, industry shifts, and changes in business processes. They must stay ahead in the competition by pursuing measures that will increase efficiency, optimize plants and other operations, and improve production quality, while reviewing and making changes wherever necessary to their business models. In such a rapidly changing world, the ability to adapt is an urgent necessity.

What is "OpreX"?

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OpreX is the comprehensive brand for Yokogawa’s industrial automation and control business. The OpreX brand stands for excellence in the technology and solutions that Yokogawa cultivates through the co-creation of value with its customers. Under this brand may be found all the Yokogawa control products, services, and other solutions that customers are using to digitalize and transform their businesses and drive growth in this time of unprecedented change.
Under the OpreX brand name and based on the Co-innovating tomorrow corporate brand slogan, Yokogawa will continue to co-create value with its customers and thereby help to create a more sustainable and brighter future for all.


5 categories of OpreX brand

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This comprehensive OpreX brand comprises the five categories of transformation, control, measurement, execution, and lifecycle, under which there are 25 product, service, and solution families. This lineup covers everything from business management to operations.

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OpreX Category

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OpreX Transformation

Comprehensive core solutions that take the broad view in driving operational excellence throughout all an enterprise’s business activities, from production to the supply chain and business management

By integrating our management consulting services that are based on best-in-class domain knowledge, abundant industry expertise, and production automation solutions, we are uniquely well positioned to provide the support needed to optimize operations and enhance corporate value. We provide the comprehensive solutions needed to effect change.

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OpreX Control 

Exceptionally reliable control technology that responds quickly to changes in management and operations and establishes the foundation needed for high efficiency, high quality, safety, and stability in plant operations

With our proven control technology, we offer a range of automation, efficient control strategies, innovative architectures, and other solutions. This enables a rapid response to dramatic changes in the demands of the marketplace, and allows operations that lead the global competition.

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OpreX Measurement 

Highly reliable measurement technology for the implementation of value-enhancing operational technology(OT) and information technology(IT) integration

Our measurement technology enables the realization of innovative solutions to help achieve high quality and safety at production sites. This superior measurement technology delivers enhanced value throughout the plant lifecycle. 

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OpreX Execution

Innovative, world-class project implementation capabilities, built on a strong track record of success all over the globe

With system integration services supported by solid project management expertise, and a comprehensive range of automation solutions that cover the entire plant lifecycle, Yokogawa offers a flexible and agile approach to project execution.

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OpreX Lifecycle 

Maintenance capabilities backed by extensive experience gained from working closely with our customers allow us to optimize operations over the entire plant lifecycle

With our support, customers can attain high levels of maintenance efficiency required for stable and efficient operation over the entire length of the plant lifecycle, while also striving to provide solutions that can respond to further improvements in operability.

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OpreX Family

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OpreX Supply Chain Optimization

Solutions that support optimization of all parts of the supply chain, from raw material supply to product delivery, and help to ensure that business operations can respond quickly and efficiently to market changes and shifts in demand.

OpreX Asset Operations and Optimization

Solutions that help companies optimize production of their most valuable products and maximize the value of management resources, allowing the fullest possible use of facilities and other hardware assets.

OpreX Operational Risk Management

Solutions that help companies avoid catastrophic losses and make their businesses more robust by managing safety, health, and environmental risks for specific business processes and the individuals engaged in those processes.

OpreX Asset Management and Integrity

Solutions that reduce maintenance costs and improve facility reliability and availability. We ensure that our customers can respond quickly to any business opportunities that may arise due to changes in market conditions.

OpreX Profit-driven Operation

Solutions that utilize unique indexing methods based on Yokogawa operations expertise to support the collaboration between organizations needed to achieve key management goals.

OpreX Connected Intelligence

Solutions that facilitate the joint creation of value by establishing an environment that enables the sharing of data and knowledge on everything from planning to operations.

OpreX Enterprise Business Optimization

Solutions that operate in real time to maximize the utilization of management resources.


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OpreX Control and Safety System

Control and safety instrumented systems that support high efficiency, high quality, and safe plant operations. We provide solutions that support long-term stable production and enable a flexible and prompt response to changes in the business environment.

OpreX Control Improvement Software

A group of software packages that provide a more precise understanding of the state of processes and facilities and ensure an appropriate response to state changes. These solutions provide support for the continuous improvement of production operations.

OpreX Control Devices

Robust and user-friendly controllers for a wide range of control applications that ensure the highly reliable operation of production equipment and help to improve product quality and productivity.

OpreX Quality Control System

Solutions for the online measurement of the thickness, weight, and color of paper, film, and battery electrode sheets that control quality in both the flow and width directions. And these solutions enhance productivity by improving yield and energy efficiency.


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OpreX Data Acquisition

A group of data acquisition products that measure, record, analyze, and display data on physical phenomena. The main product, a recorder and data logger, is the industry leader in terms of measurement accuracy and noise immunity.

OpreX Field Instruments

A group of products that measure pressure, flow rate, temperature, and level, all of which are essential factors in plant operations. High-performance sensors ensure stable and high-precision performance under all circumstances.

OpreX Analyzers

A group of analyzer products that accurately measure physical properties such as chemical composition, pH, and conductivity with high reliability, and convert into digital form to improve operating efficiency and safety and protect the environment.

OpreX Components

Products such as signal converters and surge arresters and components such as power equipment meters and power monitors. These high-performance solutions help to improve the reliability of production processes and reduce energy consumption.


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OpreX Agile Project Execution Services

Services that enable an innovate approach to project execution by utilizing flexible methods, standardized hardware and applications. And these services reduce the cost of plant construction and maintenance, contributing to reductions in TCO.

OpreX MAC and MAIC Services

As a MAC and a main automation and information contractor (MAIC), we provide services that encompass all areas of project execution. Every aspect of project execution is supported, including budgeting, scheduling, resources, and risk management. 

OpreX Modernization Services

A variety of services that help to strengthen competitiveness by modernizing production system assets and digitalizing operations.

OpreX Value Delivery Services

Operation support services targeting safety, security, plant equipment, production, operations, and alarm management that deliver value throughout a plant.


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OpreX Sustainable Maintenance

The optimization of plant performance through the planned implementation of maintenance, security, monitoring, predictive / preventive maintenance, and system upgrade solutions that cover the entire plant lifecycle.

OpreX Safety and Security

Comprehensive solutions that utilize the strategy of defense in depth and our safety & security lifecycle approach to minimize the safety and security risks for our customers' systems.

OpreX Asset Performance Monitoring

Monitoring, preventive maintenance, and predictive maintenance services that give an accurate understanding of the plant state and maintain and improve the performance of increasingly complex systems.

OpreX Upgrade and Migration

Scheduled upgrades and a comprehensive migration plan are implemented to operate their plants more efficiently and profitably. Unscheduled plant shutdowns or decrease in performance can be avoided due to ageing equipment or End-of-Support software.

OpreX Operation and Maintenance Improvement

Providing continuous support of improvement activities, specifying areas to increase operational productivity and enhancing maintenance efficiency related to the customer’s operations.

OpreX Training

Offering comprehensive, professional training solutions allowing trainees to acquire knowledge related to a wide-range of measurement, instrumentation and control systems required for efficient plant operations.

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