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Smart Industry Readiness Index (S.I.R.I.)-Find YOUR way in DIGITAL Transformation

Do you already have a clear vision and a roadmap for your Digital Transformation (DX) journey, including milestones and actions? Yokogawa offers you a systematic methodology to find YOUR way in Digital Transformation: the global assessment framework ‘Smart Industry Readiness Index (S.I.R.I.)’ was developed by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and is recognised as the world’s first independent standard by the World Economic Forum (WEF).


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A smart move in the right direction

‘Industry-4.0 excitement’ is everywhere: some companies have already started with a great deal of enthusiasm various Digital Transformation (DX) projects. Others haven’t yet found the right starting point. Digital Transformation is a complex topic and offers you lots of opportunities. No matter at what stage your company is at right now, it’s definitely a smart move to have a deep understanding of your company’s status quo on its way to Digital Transformation. Because once you really understand your current situation, you as a company can make the right decisions about what to focus on and define the next steps. Sounds logical and easy.

But how to do this?

‘Make complex things simple’ has always been best practice. Thus, using a maturity model has generally proven to be useful.


Strategise your way with guidance from the proven ‘S.I.R.I.’ concept

No matter if you’re just at the beginning or have already started your Digital Transformation journey: the Smart Industry Readiness Index (S.I.R.I.) helps you identify your current ‘digital maturity’ and based on this prioritise your next actions, always with a view to the benchmark for your industry. Results from this analysis are the basis for identifying and designing your individual company’s roadmap.

Smart Industry Readiness Index

‘S.I.R.I.’ stands for ‘Smart Industry Readiness Index’ and was developed by the World Economic Forum (WEF). It is the world’s first independent standard with a formal assessment process.

In the meantime, S.I.R.I. has over 600 proven references. This success is also due to the special design of the S.I.R.I. concept: compared to other methodologies which identify your Digital Transformation (DX) status, it considers a company’s cost structure, strategy horizon, corporate KPI’s and industry benchmarks. Precisely for this reason the result is very specific for each individual company.


Key Identifiers of S.I.R.I.:

  • S.I.R.I. is a systematic and comprehensive assessment based on quantitative, data-guided international benchmarks as well as on qualitative data
  • External (S.I.R.I. Assessors) and internal (key company representatives from management and staff from different disciplines) views are combined to one consolidated language and one common goal.
  • Apart from PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY, your ORGANISATION is reviewed in terms of workforce empowerment, leadership expertise, collaboration and strategy. The involvement and commitment of your ORGANISATION in this process is seen as one of the key success factors, as your organisation needs to handle this change and to do so needs to be well-prepared.
  • The result is the basis of YOUR company roadmap as S.I.R.I. identifies the key areas of focus with specific digitalisation transformation measures including company financial, performance and strategic objectives

Key Identifiers of S.I.R.I.: Step Transformation Journey


S.I.R.I. certified assessor with deep technology knowledge: Yokogawa

The Smart Industry Readiness Index is the first worldwide standard for industry 4.0 transformation. All S.I.R.I. certified assessors are neutral and independent in their consulting. They all act according to WEF standards and principles. Nevertheless, there are differences between the certified providers.

Yokogawa’s strength is its technical expertise and its understanding of the process industry and automation processes. Not only in terms of production, but how these industrial enterprises function in their entirety. Especially when it comes to the point of in-depth-questions within the assessment process, technological know-how and experience is important and not infrequently makes precisely the decisive difference. Yokogawa's implementation experience in Europe and all over the world can support organisations to translate their S.I.R.I. results into real projects which realise their value.

Meanwhile, Yokogawa not only has certified  S.I.R.I. assessors – the Yokogawa Electric Corporation has become an official S.I.R.I. partner.


Get to know our certified experts from all over Europe:

Discover our European network of 7 certified S.I.R.I. assessors – independent and hands-on consultants.

Smart Industry Readiness Index (S.I.R.I.) experts Europe


Our Certified Smart Industry Readiness Assessors (S.I.R.I. CSA)

Certified Smart Industry Readiness Assessors

In my 30+ years with the process industry, I have always been intrigued by the abundance of data, and possibilities they offer for further optimisations. Be it in my engineering functions, in business development, my consulting or strategy creation roles, data availability has grown exponentially to support processes and projects. With IT and OT now converging, digitalisation questions have become extremely complex for industry.

Personally, I am very enthusiastic about S.I.R.I., as it creates coherence and structure in the digital transformation complexities for companies and strengthens my advisory abilities.

Good to know:
Maurice has served in a consulting and engineering capacity for customers in numerous manufacturing industry sectors


Certified Smart Industry Readiness Assessors Sike Muller

Coming from chemical engineering, I rather accidentally came across the analysis of data and its application in optimisation projects – and stuck with it. The high availability of data and its potential, coupled with the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0, provide a wide range of possibilities. This makes it so exciting and at the same time difficult to develop coherent, individually tailored overall concepts. Not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of employee motivation and qualification.

In my view, S.I.R.I. therefore offers powerful support in prioritising fields of action and laying a foundation for a coherent roadmap.

Good to know:
Silke is a Doctor of Engineering in the application of neural networks for the optimisation of drinking water treatment processes.


Certified Smart Industry Readiness Assessors Mateusz Kasprzak

I am an enthusiast of sustainability with the aim to understand and describe how the industry is changing our planet and how our planet is changing the industry. Professionally for more than 15 years, I am helping the industry to translate management goals into real actions and projects concerning energy efficiency, digitalization, and operational efficiency.

As a true believer that decarbonization is not possible without digitalization, I perceive S.I.R.I. as a perfect tool to understand the digitalization goals and ambitions of our customers and translate them into structured priorities and tasks.

Good to know:
On Mateusz’s LinkedIn you can find various posts and articles about new technologies and directions of our future industrial energy landscape.. Please follow me!


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