Energy Efficiency

Tackling high energy costs and reducing emissions in European process industries

High domestic energy costs and aggressive overseas subsidies are putting pressure on European manufacturers.

Whilst European businesses have been transforming to capture continuous, year-on-year, energy savings … deeper savings are required … requiring deeper digitalization of energy.

Energy strategies and roadmaps require re-prioritization in a new normal, with faster and more efficient implementation and results delivery.

The key enablers of this are real-time data, operational execution and prioritization … made possible by deep subject matter know-how coupled with modern, cutting-edge technology.


The issues the industry faces:

  • High energy prices & uncertainty of the future
  • Lack of real-time and accurate information
  • Big rotation or insufficient team focused on energy
  • How to move from strategy to real implementation on an operational level

The solution Yokogawa brings:

  • 10-35% lower energy consumption
  • 10-20% increased throughput (where energy is the bottleneck) and yields
  • Higher return on capital investment
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced load on cooling water systems 

Yokogawa is the leading energy efficiency results delivery partner boosting competitiveness of European manufacturing and keeping Europe on-track with its net zero commitments … delivering major carbon reduction and multi-million dollar savings … with rapid return on investment.

Just like strategies must be executed, superior results must be sustained.

With over 40 years operating in Europe, Yokogawa accelerates delivery of superior results, sustained through 4RS:

Roadmap validation and re-prioritization

Readiness assessment


Real-time optimization and digital twins

Yokogawa … boosting competitiveness of European manufacturing

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An Analytical Approach to Improving Safe & Efficient Operations


Optimizing Operations and Minimizing Emissions

Edition 1

ORLEN Unipetrol primarily supplies motor fuels, fuel oils, bitumen, liquefied petroleum products, oil hydrogenates, other refinery products, olefins and aromatics agrochemicals, carbon black, sorbents, and polyolefins (high-density polyethylene and polypropylene). The company demonstrates an increased focus on protecting the environment, reducing raw material consumption, and minimizing energy demands.

Energy Optimization Steps Toward Net Zero
(Energy Optimization Steps Toward Net Zero)
Edition 1
A Joined-up Approach to Scope 1-3 Decarbonization
(A Joined-up Approach to Scope 1-3 Decarbonization)
Edition 1
Edition 1
Edition 1



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