Instrumentation Services

Yokogawa offers a variety of instrumentation services including:

  • Calibration and Certification
  • Commissioning
  • Preventative and Corrective Maintenance Services
  • Emergency Repair
  • Programming and Troubleshooting 
  • Instrument Leasing for Rotational Calibration
  • IQ/OQ Validation (Pharmaceutical Industry)
  • Technical Support

For Pressure, Temperature and Flow instrumentation, please contact our partner MRC Global Norway AS via telephone: +47 32 24 13 00 or email:

For all other enquiries please use the contact buttons below.


Yokogawa provides a comprehensive critical spares holding and repair service, including:

  • Bonded Stock
  • Lease Spares
  • Rotational Calibration Spares
  • Hot Spares

Yokogawa endeavours to provide not only a spares service, but a complete service solution, where in-house experts ensure that the transfer of parts and implementation of repairs are up to and beyond customer expectations. Spares are held to the customer’s specific requirements, whether local to the site or held by Yokogawa. All Yokogawa Technical Services spares are held in a dedicated secure and climate-controlled area, with each customer having a specific section.

Bonded Stock

Yokogawa Technical Services can provide the facility of bonded spares. In conjunction with the customer, critical spare parts are identified. These spares can either be held in stock at Yokogawa's dedicated facility or on site specifically for use on a single system. These critical spare parts may be the property of the end user; alternatively, customers may pay a holding fee to Yokogawa to purchase and store the spares in a bonded stock area.

Lease Spares

Yokogawa can also offer lease spares to be used on a standby/spare basis or to the customer’s specific requirements. These spares can be held local to site or at Yokogawa’s dedicated facility.

Rotational Calibration Spares

Yokogawa provide a fully managed rotational calibration spares service. This enables customers to maintain the quality of their process as well as maximising plant efficiency and cost benefits.

Hot Spares

A hot spares facility is provided utilising Yokogawa’s fully functional equipment area. Spares are monitored regularly, providing the customer with guaranteed healthy spares.

Repair Service

The key to on-going operations is the efficient processing and delivery of parts and repair service. Yokogawa service experts provide recognised certified repairs, as well as applying their tuned logistic skills, to provide the customer with a speedy solution.

Having critical parts when and where customers need them is fundamental to users achieving their business goals. Yokogawa’s service team consists of a well-balanced team of professionals, ready to utilise advanced delivery tools and training and support structures.

Customers benefit from a service that meets and often exceeds their basic expectations in terms of speedy parts availability, lower inventory requirements and reduced ownership costs.

Options available to customers include:

  • Parts services, with spare parts available in the shortest cycle times possible to cope with unplanned failures
  • Reconditioning and repair, with procedures designed to maximise efficiency and minimise parts costs
  • Revisions and updates, for both individual parts and installed software
  • Support, with extended product support policies available, including continued support for noncurrent manufactured products as long as further funding is justified
  • Parts management, including full management of complete spare parts stocks to meet customer requirements.

Yokogawa Technical Services offers a hire service that provides pre-configured instrumentation for a ‘plug & play’ solution. The wide range of equipment available covers everything from paper recorders, through analytical equipment, to BRAIN and HART terminals. It is possible for users to hire on a short-term basis while equipment is being repaired, and telephone support is provided at no extra cost. All equipment is available on short notice with overnight delivery, and can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

With discrete controllers running smaller production areas and dedicated batch plants, a failure can have a huge impact on production, potentially incurring a high cost or holding up the next step of an important process. Yokogawa offers a wide range of controllers for hire which may be utilised for a short-term control solution or as direct replacement whilst a failed unit is repaired.

pH Equipment
pH analysers can be pre-configured ‘in-house’ to enable direct replacement. The customer can then plug in the hired unit and continue to monitor or control the plant in as short a time as possible. This reduces any unforeseen environmental issues or ‘out of spec’ product problems while instruments are undergoing test or repair.

Conductivity equipment
Conductivity units can be pre-configured before dispatch to site, reducing installation time and eliminating problems with initial setup. All units can be pre-calibrated to cover the desired ranges required by the customer for their process

Communication devices
With the most common forms of intelligent instruments now being programmable in-situ,  Yokogawa offers the hire of BRAIN and HART communicators on a weekly basis. These communicators enable technicians to commission, calibrate and perform on-site range changes with minimal or no down time.

Calibration equipment
Yokogawa can provide calibration equipment to assist instrument setup and commissioning. For example, the Yokogawa CA100 can provide loop or passive injection, input measurement, mA, mV, V, resistance and different thermocouple inputs, giving an all-in-one solution to commissioning and calibration needs. The unit comes with a traceable calibration certificate for audit trails.

Yokogawa Norge AS provides extensive training for all levels of plant personnel to maximise the benefits of Yokogawa instrumentation.
Yokogawa offers bespoke training customised to suit customer-specific requirements. Yokogawa is actively committed to the professional development of our customers; employees and provide an environment which stimulates continuous learning. Our approach ensures that students maintain and develop knowledge and skills sets which are specific to their current and future industry. This is why we believe continuous professional training is so important.

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