Button Operated DX1000/DX2000

Power generation, process automation, and factory automation in manufacturing industries require rigorous, continuous monitoring in the control room. Yokogawa's DX series recorders are purpose-built data acquisition systems designed for industrial automation.

Engineers in these industries need reliable paperless recorders, measurements they can trust, and low maintenance needs. The Yokogawa DX series delivers industry leading reliability and measurement accuracy. Its custom graphics accomodates application or process-specific displays, while a wide range of communication protocols guarantee compatibility with your network architecture. It's simple for operators to view and retrieve past data with automatic email and FTP notifications.


Basic Functions

  • Up to 48 channels of input
  • Start/stop recording by batch, and create data files
  • Expandable to up to 348 channels with the MW100 automatic connection function
  • Internal memory increased to 400 MB
  • Enables control of calibration correction scheduling [R4]
  • Automatically creates template-based Excel spreadsheets [R4]

Display & Operation

  • Arrange the display your way with a custom display function!
  • Review historical data with date and time calendar search function


  • Standard Ethernet interface
  • Supports the PROFIBUS-DP and EtherNet/IP protocols!
  • Expanded Web and networking functions!

Reliability and Security

  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with an advanced security function option [R4]
  • Dust- and splash-proof front panel (IP65, NEMA4 compliant)
  • Highly reliable internal memory with error-correction function
  • Front panel door lock and login function


DAQManager DX250 (sold seperately)

Data Management Software for Paperless Recorders

DAQManagerDAQManager is a software program that enables you to manage measured data from Daqstation andMVAdvanced paperless recorders on a PC. Data loaded onto DAQManager can be quickly and easily searched by date/time, tag name, batch name, and other criteria. Channels recorded on different instruments and at different intervals can be displayed in the same trend graph.

* DAQManager does not support models with the advanced security function option (/AS1).

  • Indexing to Enable Quick Searches
  • Variety of Graphs
  • Easy Data Loading/Importing
  • Data Auto Merge

DAQStudio DXA170 (sold seperately)

Custom Screen Building Software

Builder software lets you edit and create custom display screens on a PC. You can send and receive layout data, and easily edit and create objects.

  • Send/receive layout data for custom display screen objects (via Ethernet or CF card)
  • Display custom display screens, build new screens, and edit existing screens
  • Save/load settings and edited data files



DAQSTANDARD is software used for DXAdvanced.  It can be used to print or redisplay historical data files saved by the DXAdvanced unit or transferred through FTP. You can download it from the following link.

> Download DAQSTANDARD DXA120  *Login required. Please enter "DXA120" to search.

DAQWORX (sold seperately)

DAQWORX is a data acquisition software suite that integrates Yokogawa recorders, data acquisition instruments, and measurement instruments.


DAQEXPLORER is a dedicated software program for the DX, CX, and MV that offers a combination of file transmission, PC-based monitoring, and other functions in addition to the DAQSTANDARD functions. It provides easy access to the wide array of DXAdvanced networking functions.

Features and Benefits

DAQWORX allows users to assemble a data acquisition system using Yokogawa recorders, data loggers, the temperature controllers, measuring instruments without the need for programming. For adding functionality, DAQWORX offers an integrated data acquisition software system, allowing customers to connect high added-value software to their existing data acquisition systems to easily expand the range of supported applications.

Integrated Package

  • Intergrate recorders, controllers, and measuring instruments

Product Specific Package

  • Bring out the best of each product
  1. DAQ32Plus (for Darwin series)
  3. DAQEXPLORER (for DX, CX, and MVAdvanced/MV)

Common Software

  • DataBrowser

Data Logging Software GA10 (sold seperately)

A data logging software application that enables Ethernet and serial communication to be used simultaneously. A mixture of DXAdvanceds, DARWIN data acquisition units, and uR recorders can be combined (100 units total) to achieve data acquisition of 2000 channels.



The Japan Steel Works, LTD., Muroran Plant uses the Control and Measurement Station CX2000, UP series program controllers, and UT series digital indicating controllers for operation of its heat treating furnaces. The Japan Steel Works (JSW), LTD., Muroran Plant is located in an industrial area looking over Muroran port in Muroran City, Hokkaido.


Kyushu Mitsui Aluminium uses the UPM100 Power Monitor for its overall factory operations, and the DX1000 Paperless Recorder for its high-purity aluminum refining furnaces.


Kyoto Tower Corporation uses the DX2000 Paperless Recorder to record and monitor wind speed and direction


Air particle counters are used for air climate control monitoring in semiconductor and medical clean rooms. DXAdvanced can acquire the cleanliness factor data measured by the particle counter via communication, and display and record it without degradation of accuracy.


Using the custom display function that comes standard with DXAdvanced means that you can combine the recorders, displays, and switches used in various kinds of equipment.


You can have the same "look and feel" of a chart recorder on DXAdvanced series paperless recorders (hereinafter, DXAdvanced), by using the Scale, Alarm Mark, Trend Span Margin, and other display functions.


By using the computation function of the SMARTDAC+ series Paperless recorder GX/GP, computation option computes the "F-value," or sterilizing value for the sterilization process, so that the computation results can be recorded in the form of data.


You can measure and monitor integral flow (total and excess flow). You can also calculate the flow integral and excess usage with computation functions, and generate reports with the Report function. With the Excel template function, you can create templates in a desired report format for creating reports automatically.


Pasteurization is a process that aims to reduce and destroy the number of viable pathogens/bacteria in the product so that the unwanted pathogen/bacteria does not cause harm to human health. Pasteurization is a critical process in a wide range of products such as: milk, cheese, juice and alcohol. Food and beverage manufacturers must demonstrate and ensure that products undergoing pasteurization meet the strict requirements of international standards so that the product is deemed safe for human consumption. Significant fines and penalties may be imposed if the pasteurization process is not followed.


Data critical for quality control in aluminum casting is monitored and recorded by the DX1000/DX2000. Various kinds of data from a holding furnace are batch recorded, and data during occurrence of alarms is recorded separately.


Milk should be processed within 4 to 6 hours of production to make it fit for human consumption. Temperature is a very important parameter which has to be monitored at different stages of milk processing.


Many messages can be output even with a limited number of remote inputs by combining the remote input, computation, alarm, and event action functions. 


Using the batch name + lot number system, past measured data can be recalled for reference by batch name.


A power plant in the Northeast was under pressure to meet State EPA requirements of reporting fuel consumption (used for emissions monitoring). The issue was digging a costly trench from the pump house to the control room building in order to run fiber optic cable that delivers a flow meter signal to the plant's historian where reports could be generated. The cost would be $20,000.00 alone to dig the trench.


The control of the world's water resource is arguably one of the most important issues. Water demand from industry and domestic users is set to rise throughout the industrialized world. Yokogawa has been applying minimized maintenance measurement systems.


To technology in iron & steel industry is continuously improved to obtain the best possible performance. The improved plant performance gives rise to the higher quality improvement and lower cost, and simultaneously environmental friendly plant operation.


The paperless recorder DX series automatically calculate the Fo value from the heating temperature and are useful in managing the sterilization process by displaying and recording the value together with the heating temperature.


A major power company in the Southeast decided to replace its hydrogen gas detection system. The current system was unsupported by the manufacturer and failing. The new system would need to duplicate the functionality of the old to minimize the training and impact on the operators. Yokogawa was asked to facilitate the project.


The paperless recorder DX series instruments allow you to determine temperature and humidity, and manage the results as manufacturing and quality data at a reasonable cost with a simple configuration.


MEGTEC Systems, a major manufacturer of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers in DePere, Wisconsin is now specifying DAQSTATION for use with their equipment. These oxidizers, commonly known as RTOs, are found in Paint Finishing Operations, Chemical, Petro-chemical and Ethanol Production, Ink Coating and Odor Abatement, and many other applications on a global basis.


A manufacturer of lime using an Allen-Bradley Series 5 PLC wanted local data viewing and network connectivity. The PLC was wired directly to a rotary kiln and measured kiln temperature, pressure, rotary speed and material feed rate.

Yokogawa Technical Report

Yokogawa Electric Corporation, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial recorders, put the DAQSTATION DX series stations on the market in 1999, which added information processing and transmission functions to conventional recorders.

Does the product support FDA 21 CFR Part 11?
The DX series does with the advanced security option (suffix code /AS1).
Can I customize display screens?
Yes, with R3 (release 3). With DAQStudio (DXA250) screen editing software, you can easily create custom display screens.
Yes, you can use the PROFIBUS-DP communication option (suffix code: /CP1) and the Advanced security function option (suffix code: /AS1) together.
Yes. However, the DX1000/DX1000N requires the MATH function option (suffix code: /M1), and the DX2000 requires the expansion channel function option (suffix code: /MC1) or the MATH function option (suffix code: /M1).
The pulse input option (suffix code: /PM1) includes the MATH function option (suffix code: /M1). By adding the pulse input option, you can also use the MATH function. It is not necessary to add both options together.
Can I increase the number of inputs above 48 ch?
You cannot increase the number of input terminals. However, you can load data acquired on other instruments such as the MW100 onto the DX via communications.
Yes, the µR series panel cutout dimensions are the same as those of the DX2000, so you can replace them easily.
Yes. Adding the RS-422/485 communication interface option (suffix code: /C3) makes the DX a Modbus/RTU subordinate, enabling communications with Modbus master devices. Note that making the DX the Modbus master requires the MATH function option (suffi...
Yes, if you add the 24 VQAC/DC power option (suffix code: /P1) you can run it on DC24 V power.
Are there safeguards against data tampering?
Saving measured data in binary format prevents it from being tampered with.
Can I change SNTP settings during data acquisition?
No. When changing settings, data acquisition stops.
Even when the advanced security option (suffix code: /AS1) is running, PROFIBUS communication can proceed without restriction. No login via ID or password is required.
Yes. With the user login function, you can set operations for each user.
The pulse input option (suffix code: /PM1) provides 3 dedicated pulse inputs plus 5 remote control common terminals for a total of 8 acquisitions. Integral values can also be calculated on individual MATH channels.
When using the Multibatch function option (suffix code: /BT2), you cannot change the range even if group 1 is recording, regardless of any other options. However, you can edit alarm settings during recording.
Yes. You can change it to Japanese, English, German, French, or Chinese.
Yes, the internal memory is non-volatile memory, therefore the data just before the power failure is saved. When the instrument recovers from a power failure, data acquired just before the power failure are saved as files to internal memory. Also, da...
There are 8 input terminals. They are of the non-voltage contact and open collector types. The signal types are level and edge (250 ms or higher).
Yes. For details, see "Event Action Function " and "Remote Control Function " in the user's manual. DX1000 user's manual DX2000 user's manual ...
Ethernet connection between the DX2000 and the MW100
Q: I want to connect the DX2000 and MW100 via Ethernet to acquire data from the MW100 onto the DX2000. Does the MW100 require the MATH function? Also, if I connect a power monitor to the DX2000, this is RS-422 communication, but I want to connect to ...
Yes. However, this requires the MATH function option (suffix code: /M1) on the unit that is displaying (recording) data.
Yes. The communication port used by Modbus is different than the one that can acquire instantaneous values, so simultaneous communication is possible.
Yes. You can also display communication input channels, MATH channels, and expansion channels.
When the FTP server gets file transfer requests from multiple DXs or other instruments, it cannot handle all of those requests at once. This setting delays the transfer times to avoid errors.
For best results, we recommend replacing the built-in lithium battery every 10 years. Note that battery replacement should be performed by a trained Yokogawa technician. Please contact your nearest dealer or Yokogawa representative.
This function allows you to control periodic entering of settings for the calibration function option (suffix code: /CC1). When you enable the calibration function, a screen appears that displays the calibration due date in advance (the calibration n...
Yes, this is possible by adding the remote control function option (suffix code: /R1) and using the event action function. Note that you can also automatically save data to the CF card while recording is stopped.
Yes. However, the DX2000 requires the MATH function option (suffix code: /M1). The procedure is as follows. Enable the DX2000's Modbus server function. Register communication input channels (C01 or C02) in a formula and start the MATH functio...
Yes, when the FTP server is ON.
No. Due to reliability issues with recording media, you can only save data automatically onto the CF card. The USB memory is only intended for temporarily transferring data files.
Insert the CF card into the PC and move the data file to the PC hard disk. You can view the data file saved on your PC with the DAQSTANDARD software that comes standard with the DX.
Only CF card is included. Card adapter is not included. The CF card can be used by inserting it directly into the main unit.
When using the function that always keeps the latest data file on the card (Media FIFO) and the number of files in the same directory exceeds 1000, CF card deletes the old data file and saves new one even if there is free space on the card.
Yes. When there is 10% of free space or less, the CF card icon on the upper part of the display turns from green to red.
There may be a problem with the CF card. Try the following. Eject, then reinsert the CF card. Replace the card. Reformat the card on the DX.  
Can I eject the CF card during recording?
Yes, if the CF card is not being accessed. To eject it, press the Func key, then select Eject media > CF.
Yes, the following: 772093: 512 MB 772094: 1 GB 772095: 2 GB  
It is TYPE1.
When the CF card becomes full, files continue to be created in the internal memory. The files created in internal memory are also transferred via FTP.
Is report data saved on the CF card?
As with recorded data, files are saved to the CF card after being created in internal memory if the auto save function is ON. Hourly reports are saved every hour, and daily reports are saved every day.
DAQSTANDARD is composed of 2 programs. Viewer: You can display measured data as trends or numeric values, and print them. Plus, binary data files can be exported to ASCII or Excel format. Hardware configurator: You can create settings files for a...
Can I display and analyze recorded data on a PC?
Yes, by using the DAQSTANDARD software that comes standard.
The successor to the DX100P/DX200P would be the DX1000/DX2000 with the advanced security function option (suffix code: AS1). Data files recorded on the DX100P/DX200P can be opened using DAQSTANDARD (DXA120), which comes with the DX1000/DX2000. ...
The following printed materials are included: “Managing Product Waste,” and “Open Source Software Specifications.” A CD with other user’s manuals and the DAQSTANDARD software are currently not included. (Separately purch...
Is a warranty card included?
The warranty is handled with the DX serial number, so a printed warranty card is not included. The warranty period is one year from date of purchase.
To create them on a PC you will need the DXA170 DAQStudio custom display builder software, sold separately. You can create them by using keys on the main unit, but it is much easier by using DAQStudio. DAQStudio Product Page ...
Please see the following. List of validated compact flash (CF cards)
I cannot open data files in DAQSTANDARD.
You may have an older version of DAQSTANDARD. Consider upgrading to the latest version. You can download the latest version by using the following link. DAQSTANDARD download page *Log-in Required ...
They are "AUTH PLAIN " and "AUTH CRAM-MD5. " AUTH-LOGIN is not supported.
Yes, you can adjust it directly on the main unit even during recording. If you adjust the time during recording, the acquired data is time-stamped with the new time.
The following conditions must be met in order for the data list to appear in the web server screen. The FTP server must be turned ON. Login via communication must not be set. Note that the data list never displays on models with the advanced se...
You can set the number of password retries to 3, 5, or unlimited (default is 3). When the number of retries is exceeded, the unit is locked. Service is required to clear the lock, so please manage user IDs and passwords with care. Note that if 1 unit...
  Connect the PC and DX via a hub. If the connection is working, the Link LED on the PC, hub, and DX should all light. Check the PC's IP address and subnet mask using the ipconfig command. Check the DX's IP address and subnet mask i...
For terminal wiring, see the section on grounding and wiring in the operation guide. DX1000 Operation Guide DX2000 Operation Guide The diameter of all the screws is 4 mm. DX1000 Operation Guide DX2000 Operation Guide   ...
Yes, by using the accessory software DAQSTANDARD (model DXA120). See chapter 3, "Viewing Recorded Data " in the operation guide. For further details, see the viewer's user's manual. DXA120 user's manual ...
No, but the creation of the report restarts after recovery from the power failure. The operation is different depending on whether the recovery time is before or after the report creation time has elapsed. For details, see "Special Data Handling...
The DX has two kinds of files, DISP (display data) and EVENT (event data). You can tell which type the data is by looking inside the blue band in the upper part of the screen. In the case of (2) DISP (display data), the sampling interval changes i...
Yes. With DAQManager, you can specify the folder containing the recorded data files as the auto-import destination, then set it for automatic conversion to Excel. Note that this is not supported with addition of the advanced security option (suffix c...
You can receive settings by using the user management "Monitor" function specific to advanced security. The Monitor function enables up to 2 connections. When 2 Monitor functions are connected on the network, you can receive settings. ...
Yes, note that the passwords in the account information will be initialized.
Yes, by printing the settings from the DAQSTANDARD (accessory software) hardware configurator. For details, see section 1.5, "Printing Setup Data" in the DAQSTANDARD hardware configurator user's manual. DAQSTANDARD user's manual ...
We have a special license number available in case of lost licenses. See the following URL. Universal keys in case of lost licenses *Log-in Required
You can use the Windows telnet command. Click Start > All programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. At the command prompt, type "telnet. " Given a DX IP address of "," type the following (the port number is...
Communication could not be established with the FTP server. You can check details on codes in the FTP log screen. In the FTP log screen, while DX1000/DX2000 is running, press the DISP/ENTER key. In the operation menu on the left side of the screen, m...
Yes, turn ON the media FIFO function. If the CF card does not have sufficient free space, or if there are 1000 files or more, old files will be overwritten with new ones. For details on the media FIFO function, see Explanation of functions: Data Sav...
Yes. Select a trigger mark with the cursor, then click Edit > Delete Mark. For details, see section 2.2, "Displaying Waveforms " in the DAQSTANDARD Viewer user's manual. User's manual download   ...
If assigned to multiple channels, display the trip line of the active waveform. Click the color bar on the left side of the viewer, and activate the waveform of the channel on which you set the trip line.
For DAQSTANDARD software licenses, see "Terms and Conditions of the Software License" in the user's manual. The number of licenses is 1. To use multiple PCs, download SMARTDAC+ STANDARD Universal Viewer. ...
It is possible that the user has expired and the password has returned to the default, or some similar problem. See section 2.10, "Signing Batch and Continuous Data" in DXA120 DAQSTANDARD Viewer User's Manual. ...
Some commands are sent in units of words. This always results in an even number of bytes. But if you send the command "FD0,1,1CRLF", for example, that is an odd number of bytes (9), and the 10th byte which follows CRLF will be populated wit...
Can I use encrypted USB memory?
No. Encrypted USB memory is not supported.
After starting with a remote signal, if you press stop, a confirmation message appears. If you select to stop recording, it stops. If you use key lock on the stop key, recording won't stop even if you accidentally press the stop key during record...
No, but you can with the SMARTDAC+ universal viewer. The SMARTDAC+ universal viewer supports data from the DX and MV series, and is available for free download from our Web server. SMARTDAC+ Standard Universal Viewer download page *Log-in Required ...
You may be using an older version of DAQSTANDARD Viewer. Please download the latest version of DAQSTANDARD (DXA120) *Log-in Required from our website.
Please download the latest version of DAQSTANDARD (DXA120)* from our website. Also, if you lost your license number, please see "Universal keys in case of lost licenses."* *Log-in Required ...
Yes. If you narrow the lower and upper-limit values, change the lower and upper-limit values of the span accordingly.
In the input range settings, you can add a specific value in the same manner as a bias setting by selecting a scale. Ex) Set a thermocouple Type-K span of 0-100 DEGC. To display the temperature 0.5DEGC higher, set the following in the input range set...
The DX1000/DX2000 can save measured data in binary format. You can convert saved measured data to ASCII (CSV) format using DAQSTANDARD Viewer.
There are two locations, one on the front and one on the back. On the front, it's inside the front panel door next to the CF card slot. On the back, it's next to the Ethernet interface.
With the DX1000, you cannot use communication channels. On the DX2000, use communication channels C33–C60 (with the MATH option /M1, you can't use C01–C32).
The conditions under which an overrange occurs depends on the input range mode settings. For details, see the note under "Digital Display" in section 1.3 of the User's Manual. ...
Yes, press the DISP/ENTER key, and then select [INFORMATION] > [MODBUS CLIENT]. In order for [MODBUS CLIENT] to appear in the screen menu, you must configure it in the menu customization function. See "Checking the Modbus Operating Status&quo...
In the user registration screen, first set the default password. The first time you log in, enter the default password. The message, "Your password has expired. Key in your new password" appears, and you can enter a new password. For more i...
With memory sampling output, the relay is energized on memory start, and deenergized on memory stop. With the output device information on memory stop setting, the relay is energized when you stop memory sampling. These actions cannot be changed. ...
In the User's Manual, see section 2.12, "Using the USB Flash Memory (/USB1 Option)" and see "Saving the Data" in section 4.8, "Using the Memory Summary." ...
Yes. Choose Sqrt for the input range mode.
See "Dealing with the Invalid User Status" in section 2.2, "Logging In and Out" in the advanced security function (/AS1) user's manual. If all system administrator passwords are invalidated, please contact your Yokogawa servi...
To set the scan interval, press MENU (to switch to setting mode), hold down FUNC for 3 seconds (to switch to basic setting mode), and select the Menu tab > A/D, Memory. For details, see section 3.1, “Setting the Scan Interval and the Integra...
RTD measurement with the BARD-700
Q: With RTD input, the input source resistance is described in section 13.6, “General Specifications” of the user manual as: “10Ω or less per wire (the resistance of all three wires must be equal).” I'm using the BAR...
0% and 100% are the lower and upper limits of span, which is the display range. The boundary value is the position on that range, expressed as a percentage, that divides the compressed and expanded display areas.
The data is saved automatically to the CF card (with the extension, DAR). You can display it on a PC using DAQSTANDARD.
The procedure you mentioned can only show historical trends of display data. It won't work with event data.
This will be the same as the switch specifications in the operation guide. No /P1 option: Steady-state current rating 1 A or highter, inrush current rating 60 A or higher. With /P1 option (with 24 VDC/AC power supply): Steady-state current rating 3 A...
Under Setting menu > Measurement channel > Zone scale bar graph, you can set the scale position and number of divisions for each channel. Set the scale positions separately for temperature and pressure. If the scales of multiple channels are se...
The measurement accuracy of the 1-5V range is ±(0.05% of rdg+3 digits), and the maximum digital display resolution is 1 mV. Formula becomes "measurement accuracy during scaling (digits) = measurement accuracy (digits) × scaling span...
When you select “Day,” the daily data from each day is added to the report files up to the previous day. In one month, the daily report file is completed. When you select H+D, a report file is created starting from the daily data of the r...
One RJC temperature sensor is included with each input terminal block.
The keyword for tag no. is “ChId.” Please check the keyword again.
The blue values are the maximum/minimum values at the cursor. The black values are the maximum/minimum values of the entire display area.
Parameters are written in the order: report type; report channel number; start date/time; and end date/time. The report type and channel number cannot be omitted, but you can omit the start and end date/time.
During memory sampling, you can use key operations to save data or event data. In Operation mode, press the FUNC key, then press Save display or Save event soft key.
If there are multiple keywords in a single cell, only the first keyword is valid. In your case, you'll need to use separate cells.
In Basic Setting mode, change the Tag No. Use/Not setting to Use. You can find the procedure in section 5.2, “Displaying Tags or Channel Numbers” of the user's manual (IM 04L41B01-01E). ...
Q: In Basic setting mode, I set the Tag No. Use/Not setting to Use, but I don't set the tag number string (I enter all spaces), and this is supposed to be the setup to display channel numbers and tag comments (referring to section 5.2, “Dis...
You can find it in the system information screen or the network information screen. In the operation mode, press FUNC. The FUNC key menu appears. On the FUNC key menu, press the System info soft key or the Network info soft key. The MAC address ...
Using the following procedure, reconfirm the registered system administrator information. Enter “root” for the user name, and press DISP/ENTER without entering a password. An error message will appear, followed by a window for entering...
The internal flash memory is experiencing an error. Contact your dealer or Yokogawa representative for repairs.
No, even in High Speed mode, the number of input channels is the same as Normal mode. Note: In High Speed mode, the integral time of the A/D transformer is fixed at 600 Hz, and the power-line period noise rejection performance will be lowered. If mea...
Check the following items. Whether the LAN cable is correctly connected, and whether the PC's wireless LAN function is OFF. Whether the IP addresses of the recorder and PC are set. Whether you are using the latest version of DAQSTANDARD. In...
In the DX1000/DX1000N/DX2000 range settings, the allowable setting range from lower limit to upper limit is -30000 to 30000 (excluding the decimal point). Change the upper or lower limit value or the decimal point to stay within that range. The decim...
Can I use DAQSTANDARD on Windows 7?
DAQSTANDARD supports Windows 7 version R8.22.01 or later. If you have an unsupported version, download and install the latest version. *Log-in Required For the license number, use the universal key. ...
Can I use DAQSTANDARD on Windows 10?
Starting with version R9.03.06, DAQSTANDARD supports Windows 10. If you have an unsupported version, download and install the latest version. *Log-in Required During installation, use license number 116-00000-8807 when prompted. ...
(1) As an example, enter the following formulas for calculating flow on MATH channel 1 and MATH channel 2. 101=TLOG.SUM(001) 102=TLOG.SUM(001) (2) MATH channel 1 resets hourly, and MATH channel 2 resets daily. To set the reset timing, select MENU ke...
You can monitor the DX1000/DX1000N/DX2000 screen from Internet Explorer. Use the following steps. Set the IP address on the recorder and PC. In the recorder settings, under Basic Setting mode > Communication (Internet) > Server function, se...
Convert the signal to 1-5 VDC with the accessory 250 Ω shunt resistance (for M4 screw terminals, PN 415920)
Yes, set a delay upper-limit alarm. A delay upper-limit alarm will not engage until the measured value remains above a specified value for a specified length of time (the delay time).
Enter "^C." The caret (^) symbol is on the "6" key. (Use only a single-byte character.)
Refer to the following settings example. ・Assuming that pulses are input to pulse input 06: MATH channel 101: (P6) Report channel: R01, On, channel 101, integral units Off Report calculation type: Integral Notes: If MATH channel 101 is notated as TLO...
Yes. When loading settings, the difference in version is ignored.
If the number of channels and suffix codes are different, you can load the settings that are common to both instruments. For example, if you load settings from a 10 ch model onto a 20 ch model, no settings are loaded for the 11th and higher channels,...
Yes. Settings Set the input terminal mode to "DI," the range to "Level," the upper-limit alarm to "1," and the alarm output destination to "Internal switch." Set the relevant internal switch as an even...
Yes, by writing values to the recorder’s register number 409503 (memory start/stop) using Modbus communication. For instructions on Modbus communication, see“Communication Interface User’s Manual.” ...
If Auto save is On (the default), data up to the moment just before the power failure is written to the CF card after power is restored.
Recording does not take place while the power is out, but it automatically restarts when power is restored. The data before and after the power failure are saved to separate files.
Yes. In the DAQSTANDARD hardware configurator, on the menu bar, select Communication > Send. The IP address and other information is not sent. To send the IP address and other settings related to communication connections, select Communication >...
Yes, by setting the range rating mode to Scale. For example, with a K thermocouple and measured values with an input span of 0.0°C–100.0°C, to lower all temperatures by 1°C, enter the following settings. Mode: Scale Range: TC ...
The first time you log in, use the default password. You can find the default password on page 2-10, “2.2 Logging in and out” in user’s manual IM 04L41B01-05 EN for the advanced security function (/AS1). Note: That will be the defau...
There is no default password. Leave the password field blank when you log in.
Yes. In Basic setting mode, turn ON the non-detection function for alarm operation. Next, turn OFF detection on each channel and each alarm.
The data being recorded is saved at the gradually adjusted time. The time of data that are already files are not corrected.
Category classifications differ depending on the suffix codes. If neither the MATH nor custom display are added, it's category 3. If either the MATH or the custom display are added, it’s category 5.
"Display all channels" may be selected in the trend screen display settings. Select "Group display." Instructions: DISP/ENTER > Trend > Group display
Please contact your Yokogawa sales representative or dealer for information about ordering calibration certificates.
You can record 2 files, the display data and the event data. The display data records the max and min values, and the event data records the instantaneous values. However, this is not available with the advanced security option (/AS1) or Multibatch f...
The measured current of RTD is 1 mA.
Yes. Change the display orientation setting (horizontal/vertical), and then save it. See section 5.10, “Changing the screen layout, clear waveform on start setting, message display direction, waveform line width, and grid" in the user'...
During installation, use license number 116-00000-8807.
Omitting the decimal point, the values that can be set for scaling are -30000 to 30000. 350.00 exceeds the setting range, and can't be entered. In this case, set it to "0.0–350.0".
The decimal place is determined by the scale lower limit value setting. Set the decimal place in the scaling lower limit value.
This means 1 scale division of the time axis on the trend screen.
Display data: Measured data: 4 B/data; computed data: 8 B/data Event data: Measured data: 2 B/data; computed data: 4 B/data
Event data are the instantaneous values recorded at each scan interval. Display data are the maximum and minimum sampled values recorded within the display update time. For details, see the following. Display and event data files ...
Because the data type is set to display data. Display data is saved as the maximum and minimum values measured in the scan interval within the sampling interval. For details, see the following. Display and event data files ...
Can I view past display data?
Yes. Using the Historical function, you can view a historical display of data in internal memory or external media.
What is Event data?
Event data are the instantaneous values recorded at each sampling interval. They can be recorded at faster intervals than display data, and can therefore are used for analysis in greater detail.
To change the save interval for display data, change the display update interval. Note that the unit of the display update interval is "/div," and 30 data are saved per div. Thus, for a display update interval of 30 min/div, the sampling in...
30 min/div. For details, see the following. Display and event data files
Four alarms (levels) can be set per channel. You can also set the same type of alarm for different levels.
This requires the alarm output relay option (suffix code /Ax). Note that the number of contact outputs that can be added depends on the model.
Yes. Note that you can set the alarm relay output to OR or AND. By default, all alarm output terminals are set to OR, and the relay outputs if any of the assigned alarms occurs.
No, the span or scaling range cannot be exceeded.
Yes, there is an Alarm Delay function. The function activates the alarm when the alarm state continues for a specified time.
Yes. You can view the list by using the DAQSTANDARD or other software.
The channel on which the alarm occurred, the time, and other information.
Yes, with the email transmission function. When an alarm occurs, mail is sent to the specified email address.
They are non-voltage contact or open collector (TTL level, 5 V).
This is controlled based on the rising or falling edge of the remote signal. For contact input, the signal rises when the contact changes from opened to closed, and falls from closed to opened. For open collector, the collector signal rises on Hi &ra...
With the remote control option (suffix code /R1), you can write 8 messages by registering them on up to 8 contact inputs in advance.
Can I set the clock externally?
Yes, with the remote control function. This function sets the internal clock to the nearest hour (works if the current time is within 2 minutes of the hour).
Are MATH channel values recorded?
Yes. They are recorded just as with measured values.
Yes. You can display trends just as with measurement channels.
All channels at once. MATH reset also occurs on all channels.
The longest is a 24-hour interval.
Can I reset integral values?
If integrating with the TLOG calculation, you can reset it with the timer function.
This is possible if you connect a PC to the network via Ethernet and set up a PC as an FTP server. Then, set up a DX account on the FTP server so that the DX can access it. Leave the FTP server running all of the time.
Display, event, and report data files can be sent.
Using FTP client software on the PC, you can transfer or delete files on external memory media. However, you cannot access the files in internal memory.
Yes, by using the Web server display function. After connecting to the network via Ethernet, you can type the DX's URL into a web browser on the PC (Internet Explorer, etc.) and view the screen that is currently displayed on the DX in the web bro...
The update interval of the web monitor page is approximately 30 seconds.
From the web, you can access an operator page and a monitor page. On the operator page, you can switch screens from a web browser. You cannot switch screens on the monitor page.
Display data records the max and min values during the recording period. The trend screen shows a line connecting the max and min values at each point in time, making the trend display appear filled in like a bar graph.
This assumes that the data type is display data. Display data records the max and min values during the recording interval, so those are the values it refers to.
DAQSTANDARD does not have a monitoring function. Please use DAQEXPLORER (sold separately).
How do I set the IP address of the DX?
You set the IP address on the DX main unit.
If DAQLOGGER stops while communicating with the DX1000, depending on the timing, the DX1000 might enter a response wait state and be unable to receive any other commands. With apologies, please turn OFF the DX1000 and restart DAQLOGGER.
Unfortunately you will need to stop DAQLOGGER. When you rescan, the changed alarm values will apply.
Yes, you can use the Advanced security option (suffix code: /AS1) and the Multibatch function option (suffix code: /BT2) together.
Yes, by using the DX/DXAdvanced Setup File Conversion Tool. You can download it from our website. *Log-in Required
For instruments that support RoHS 10 restricted substances, see GS 04A01A01-02EN. For instruments that support RoHS 6 restricted substances, see GS 04A01A01-00EN. ...
Install DAQSTANDARD (model DXA120, 1 license comes standard with the DX1000/DX2000) in the same folder as the SMARTDAC+ STANDARD Universal Viewer. When you install DAQSTANDARD, select “Custom” for the Setup type, and change the installati...
You can download these items from the Partner Portal member site *Log-in Required. You must register (free) to use Partner Portal.
Can I record integral value data?
By adding the MATH option (suffix code /M1), you can use a TLOG-based integral function. Using this operator, you can record integral data of a certain time.


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