Kontrola nad ekologicznymi zasadami zamówień

The Yokogawa Group conducts regular surveys of the chemical substances in currently registered parts and materials. Surveys are also conducted when an existing part or material is changed or discontinued, or when an entirely new part or materials item is adopted.
As part of these surveys, we contact the suppliers of the parts and materials.

Green Procurement

The green procurement of parts and materials by the Yokogawa Group is done in accordance with the Yokogawa Green Procurement Guidelines. These guidelines were fully revised in June 2012 to comply with REACH and other environmental regulations.

Chemical Substance Management

Regulatory Compliance

Provision of information on substances of very high concern (SVHC) and compliance with substance restrictions
For parts and mateirals containing any of the 10 substances whose use has been restricted under the RoHS directive, the concentration of the substances must be no more than the maximum permitted threshold value.
Other product-related regulations

Chemical substance survey policy

The chemical substance survey by YOKOGAWA group has changed to chemSHERPA.
Please respond under the method to submit survey responses, which is ProChemist/AS by NEC.
For details, please reference "Method of chemical substance survey (PDF:186KB/4P)".

Requirements for suppliers

  1. Establish a chemical substance management system.
  2. If requested by Yokogawa, provide information on chemical substances. In addition to the above chemical substances survey, a “Certificate of EU RoHS compliance & non-use of Yokogawa prohibited substances” document may be required when a new part or material item is used, or when the regulations are updated.
  3. Submit whatever guarantee documents are requested by Yokogawa.
    • [Environmental Conservation Survey Document]

Responses under JAMP-AIS, JGPSSI Survey Response Tools ver. 3

Responses and disclosure of relevant material to JAMP-AIS and JGPSSI survey response tools ver. 3 (JGP format) have ended.