Business Reporter Interview: “Are machines better at dealing with a crisis than humans?”

Dr. Maurice Wilkins - executive advisor at Yokogawa speaks with Alastair Greener from the Business Reporter at the Daily Telegraph and shares his thoughts on Process plant operators, automation and how they need to work together in a crisis.

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Advanced Operating Graphics

Yokogawa provides a full range of HMI design consulting capabilities to assist understanding of the current situation compared to industry standards (ISA101) and peer performance; combined with our experience to drive improvement within production facilities. Based on our proven performance, knowledge, and experience, we offer consulting services for graphic design of process control system to improve productivity, safety, and the work condition of your plants.

Alarm Rationalization

Effective alarm management provides a clear view of the operating conditions, eliminating the blind spots that can lead to unnecessary plant downtime. Long experience has shown that alarm design based on the EEMUA#-191 guidelines is the most fundamental way to prevent alarm flooding situations. Yokogawa helps clients implement an EEMUA 191 based alarm system.

Control Room Design

Control room design needs to take into consideration all aspects of the work environment including operator comfort, ergonomics, safety, ease of communication, functionality, automation of systems, and business policy. Yokogawa helps clients physically consolidate and functionally integrate their control rooms.

Modular Procedural Automation

Industry leaders have recognized that there is a need for a standard around automating procedures and have formed the ISA-106 committee whose purpose is to develop standards, recommended practices, and technical reports on the design and implementation of procedures for automating continuous process operations. Yokogawa has been involved in this standardization effort and has developed a solution offering that address the issues covered in the emerging standard—Modular Procedural Automation.

Advanced Decision Support

Advanced Decision Support is a consulting methodology based on Yokogawa consultants specializing in fields such as knowledge engineering and ergonomic design.

Operator Effectiveness

Tools to reduce operator stress loading, enable smoother operational transitions, and allow increased scope of responsibility.