System Health Monitoring Service
Notice: This product was discontinued on Mar 30, 2024.


Notice of Termination of New Order Acceptance for System Health Monitoring Service


Thank you for your continuous use and support of our services. We would like to inform you of the upcoming discontinuation of new and renewal orders for our “System Health Monitoring Service,” according to the following schedule:

  • End of New Sales: March 31, 2024

  • End of Renewals for Existing Customers: November 30, 2024

Additionally, support for this service will also conclude on the date below:

  • End of Support: July 31, 2025

These decisions are made in response to technological advancements and market shifts, aiming to provide higher quality services moving forward. We understand that the cessation of new orders and the conclusion of support may cause inconvenience and sincerely ask for your understanding in this matter.


For Our Existing Customers

We kindly request that our existing customers complete any necessary service renewal procedures before the end of renewals. We are committed to maintaining the quality of our support until the support conclusion date and will assist in a smooth transition to other services as much as possible.

YOKOGAWA is dedicated to focusing on the development of new services and will continue to strive to contribute to your business. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to serving you with our future offerings.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support. 


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