Yokogawa's Strengths

We believe that our strengths lie in three areas; our People, our Purpose and our Passion.



Yokogawa Australia and New Zealand are proud to employ over 300 valued team members that each bring unique skills and qualities. Developing and training our people is important to us to ensure that Yokogawa remains at the cutting edge of innovation in our fields. We recognise that internal communication and team engagement are key to our continued success. Our ‘Together Tomorrow’ Workplace Health and Safety initiatives provide clear and comprehensive guidelines to ensure a safe environment for our people so that everyone can go home to their families at the end of their working day. 


Our purpose is simple, to be the trusted partner in Industrial Automation and Information throughout the Australasian region. We want to contribute to society through broad-ranging activities in the areas of measurement, control and information.


We believe that in order to thrive and adapt to change; our workforce needs to be both passionate and engaged. Yokogawa Australia and New Zealand fosters a culture in which collaboration and co-innovation is the norm and difficult challenges are embraced as an opportunity for growth.


Core Values

Core values are an important factor in the culture we create at Yokogawa. These values become a driving force for business excellence and demonstrate our identity as an organisation. We pride ourselves on our five core values;


  • Respect

Respect and trust each other to create an environment where individuals can exercise initiative and support one another


  • Value Creation

We work together with our colleagues and customers to create value, thereby enhancing efficiency and achieving overall optimization


  • Collaboration

We collaborate with and support each other and our customers to achieve mutual objectives and maximize results


  • Integrity

Build trust by demonstrating uncompromising honesty and integrity at work; and


  • Gratitude

We show appreciation and thankfulness for the kindness of others and benefits received at work, creating a positive work environment



These core values ensure that we attract the right candidates to fit into our culture, we retain the best people that share those values with us and our customers have confidence that they are partnering with the right company.