Tuas Power Digital Transformation – Yokogawa

Tuas Power Utilities in Singapore needed a solution to mitigate the risk of production disruption due to human errors and equipment failures. Through collaboration and Co-Innovation, Yokogawa was able to help Tuas Power reduce abnormal events and manual interventions during operations by 80%. Watch this video to see how this was achieved.

Les produits et solutions liés

  • Digital Transformation Consulting

    DX Consulting provides advice and support with its global industry experience and vast technical expertise stemming from Yokogawa’s trusted digital technology and KBC’s years of improvement consulting. 

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  • Transformation digitale

    Grâce à la vaste connaissance et à l'expertise de Yokogawa dans l’automatisation de processus de fabrication, Yokogawa peut contribuer à la réalisation d'une transformation numérique qui participera à la construction d’un avenir prometteur pour ses clients.

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