Introducing the Yokogawa DTSX200 Distributed Temperature Sensor

Tokyo, Japan - February 6, 2012

The Yokogawa DTSX200 distributed temperature sensor (DTS) is used to monitor temperature, leaks, and flow in oil/gas downhole, pipeline, LNG/refinery tank/reactor vessel, fire detection, and other industrial thermal applications. Released in October 2011, the DTSX200 is the first distributed temperature sensor with a STARDOM field controller option, which improves production efficiency by working together with production control systems. The DTSX200 is being field tested for oil/gas in-well applications by some major oil companies. The DTSX200 is also being proposed for pipeline and tank leak detection systems. Yokogawa developed the DTSX200 using optical measurement technologies that it acquired over the years in the measurement field, and has combined it with the STARDOM field controller for additional measurement, control, and data communication capabilities. Yokogawa is the only company that provides an integrated automated solution comprised of the DTSX200, DCS, SCADA, and field instruments.


The DTSX200 sets a new standard for distributed temperature sensing in performance, price, and interface to production control systems. The DTSX200's modular design allows interchangeable configurations with up to 16 channels, the Yokogawa STARDOM field control option, and multiple power supplies. With an operating temperature of -40 degrees C to +65 degrees C, it can be used in all regions worldwide. The DTSX200's low power consumption and wide operating temperature make it ideal for installation in remote locations and harsh environments, utilizing a standalone outdoor housing, solar power, and wireless communication. You can expect the DTSX200 to have the same high performance and reliability found in all other Yokogawa products and solutions.

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