The LL50A Parameters Setting Software is designed to build and set parameters, ladder programs, and the like of the UTAdvanced digital indicating controllers from a PC. The tuning and monitoring of ladder programs are possible during communication with the controllers.

  • Parameter Setting Function
  • Tuning Function
  • Ladder Program Building Function
  • Network Profile Creating Function


Parameter Setting function

Parameter Setting Display

Parameters that determine controller functions can easily be set:

controller model type, controller mode (single-loop control, cascade control, loop control with PV switching, etc.), universal input/output functions, setup parameters and others.

Tuning Function

Tuning Display

Used to tune a controller's PID parameters. Displays measured input value, target setpoint, and control output value as a trend graph on a personal computer screen, allowing PID parameter modification, AUTO/MAN switching, control output modification in manual operation, etc.

Ladder Program Building Function

Ladder Program Building Display

Ladder sequence programs can be created and ladder programs can be monitored.

Network Profile Creation Function

Can be used to create an electronic device data sheet for PROFIBUS-DP communication.

Via Bus Powered USB Cable

Via Bus Powered USB Cable

Can be set parameters while no power supply to controller.

Via Ethernet Communication Connector

Via Ethernet Communication Connector

Via Dedicated Adapter

Via Dedicated AdapterCan be used while attached to the control panel.

  • Windows 7 Professional (32-bit and 64-bit versions), 
    Windows 8.1 Pro Update (32-bit and 64-bit versions) (Desktop type)
  • Communication method: USB 1.1

Via RS-485 Communication Terminals

Via RS-485 Communication Terminals


Confirm that there is a proper USB connection. If there is no problem with the connection, check whether the USB driver is installed correctly on the PC.
Upload means to read data on the LL50A from a controller. Download means to write data from the LL50A onto the controller.
To write the data from the PC to the controller, do a download.
Close all windows open in the lower right of the screen, such as the parameter setting window.
The LL50A comes with a dedicated USB cable, and a dedicated adapter for attaching to the main unit front panel.
The model is LL50A-00 (parameter setting software).
MODE (operation mode) related parameters do not appear.
The LL50A supports Japanese and English. The installer detects the language of the OS automatically.
Autotuning can be executed from the LL50A tuning monitor.
When you install the LL50A, two icons are create on the desktop. To write settings, launch the Setting Tool by clicking its icon.
Yes, in version R6.02.01 and later.Use File>Settings>Language. If parameters are not displayed, install the latest version of LL50A.
Check the following. Whether the dedicated cable is securely inserted into the adapter. The position of attachment to the front of the controller. In Device Manager, under Ports (COM and LPT), confirm that "Yokogawa USB Serial Port" ap...
You can protect it with a unique user password.
No, please use the included cable when you purchase LL50A.
The password is UTAdvanced_INIT_SET.
Yes. For LL50A communication that uses the maintenance port, the DCU version is R0.00.00.
Use the LL50A Parameter Setting Software, sold separately.
Yes, the UT75A + LL50A setting software (sold separately) can handle that.
Generally you should create programs in "user ladder" mode. If needed, you can rewrite the input ladder and output ladder portions.
The DATA register uses a 4-byte floating point number, therefore it displays a lot of digits. Try using the K or P registers, since they handle 2-byte integer data.
On the LL50A, change the system data's ladder sequence function from USE to DON'T USE. If not using the LL50A, initialize the main unit.
It won't start while the system data or parameter setting screen is displayed. Close those screens and restart.
Check the operation of the program on the LL50A ladder program monitor.
You can change it if it is in a user profile (profile no. 0).To create a user profile, use the LL50A network profile tool.
Yes, if using a UTAdvanced series instrument with the RS-485 communication option. Set the RS-485 protocol on the main unit to 8 (MBRTU: Modbus RTU). The initial value is 8. Select RS-485 in the LL50A communication execution screen, and make the comm...
If the LL50A's display setting is not PRO, some parameters won't display. Change the LL50A's display parameter as follows: Display > Parameter > Display level > Professional. The LL50A's display level must be set separately f...
As for individually writing parameters via CC-Link, changing OUT area values constitutes a write request. In your case, since the OUT area value hasn't changed from the previous value, the SP value is notoverwritten. As a fix, periodically copy t...
Yes, you can use the GREEN-UTAdvanced parameter data conversion tool (available as free download). Using the LL100/LL200 parameter setting tool, save the GREEN series parameters to a file, convert them using the conversion tool, then apply the settin...


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