Responding to the continuous needs of the factory and utilizing its full potential within the given time are the two key challenges that every manufacturing business is facing currently.  Also, it is extremely difficult to deal with the traditional production activities based on the rule of thumb planning and the continuous changes occurring in the manufacturing industrial environments. 

FLEXible   + SCHEduler   →   FLEXSCHE Production Scheduler 

FLEXSCHE, a new generation production scheduler that offers “ wide-ranging and highly flexible functions”, “ advanced user interface”, “Compatible with large-scale industrial data” and “open data interfacing capability”, can resolve all these production site problems.  

In introducing production scheduler, it often turns out that the operational constraints and rules that were not initially recognized are later important. FLEXSCHE GP is an extended function group to flexibly cope with such situations.

FLEXSCHE GP is offered as a package software which has abundant standard functions and option to add custom-made functions. Without being limited to the standard functions, it is possible to add the necessary customised functions as and when needed. This production scheduler system can flexibly respond to the unique requirements of the factories and helps businesses achieve the maximum return of the investment right from the initial installation. 

FLEXSCHE to solve the production site issues

Longer time for Production Planning 

Difficult to understand production status 

Delay in responding to unexpected orders 

Delay in responding about delivery dates   

Cannot proceed without planner            

→     Quicker scheduling 

→     Visualization of current & future status 

→     Quicker order interruption decision-making 

→     prompt response from delivery to final delivery  

→    Standardized production planning 


Main Functions of FLEXSCHE

For creating a factory plan and standardizing the production planning, it is important to know the product and equipment specification details and their limitations. Such information is critical and is the most valued input for the scheduler system. FLEXSCHE’s flexibility allows any type of industry to by register such know-how. Here are some examples.


Continuous Production Plan 

Sometimes, in order to shorten the setup time and prevent quality degradations, you may want to continuously produce the same product or products which has the same specifications. In such cases, FLEXSCHE (Resource) Gantt chart can have same colour bars lined up for each piece of equipment indicating that the product is planned for continuous production. Rather than manually checking the order or product specifications, FLEXSCHE can help you pre-define the rules and create the plan based on these rules.


Ascending / Descending Plan 

This planning is similar to the continuous production planning, except that the values of some product specifications are specified in specific order i.e.., ascending / descending. For example, “from light to dark, and from dark to light”. Moreover, the work orders can also be decided.


Workplace Plan 

The size or the area of the factory workplace will be a constraint when the product or part is of large size. In such cases, FLEXSCHE work planning option can be used for managing the work occupancy of each part and factory premises using a two-dimensional diagram. Also, the adjustment work can be minimised as it is always linked with the work plan. 


Batch Processing 

Some industries such as cosmetics / Pharmaceutical / Food & Beverages, have ‘compounding batch process’ for producing multiple products in a single batch. FLEXSCHE has an inbuilt function that can automatically calculate and plan one batch process order from multiple product orders. 

For example, FLEXSCHE can automatically calculate the production quantity of products that has the same delivery date and capacity, and those that share the same intermediate product from multiple product orders.

User Interface – Gantt Charts

Dealing with the huge and complex production scheduler data is much easier with FLEXSCHE as it has highest standard and smooth user interface operating environment for daily work.


Order Gantt Charts

Each production order can be chronologically displayed as a Gantt chart. The horizontal axis shows the time and the vertical axis shows the order. In addition to checking the schedule and progress of each order, you can easily move the work time by dragging the mouse.


Resource Gantt Charts  

Each facility can be displayed as a Gantt chart. The horizontal axis shows the time and the vertical axis is equipment. In addition to checking the load status and work orders for each facility, you can easily move the work time by dragging the mouse.

Load Gantt Charts  

The load factor and operation rate for each facility can be displayed as a Gantt chart. This display of the load factor or load per unit time of resources, is color-coded according to arbitrary attributes. Multiple resources aggregation is also possible.

Inventory Gantt Charts  

The transition of the theoretical inventory quantity of the item and summary value per unit time can be displayed as Gantt chart. Counting for several items is also possible.

Multi-user Support 

Multiple users can share and use a single FLEXSCHE license by using the network license support function and terminal support service function. 

Alternatively, multiple people, from the linked departments, can update the plan at the same time using FLEXSCHE Communicator license. 

Strength of FLEXSCHE

  • Flexible and easy scheduling rules creation
  • Seamless integration to third party systems’
  • Multiple rules registration in one project(file)
  • User controlled customization 
  • Master data restructuring as per the need of each factory

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