For the small to medium level enterprises to succeed in the fierce and globalized competition, it is extremely important to streamline the enterprise’s business structure and have powerful systems to support the business.  

mcframe CS is one such powerful system with a highly functional and flexible package capable of responding to various needs of manufacturing sector. mcframe CS as it stands for manufacturing communication framework CS is a multi-functional system used for production management, sales management, and cost management, and can provide solutions to the detailed management requirements of the manufacturing industry. In addition to the existing standard functions, "mcframe" also includes a framework structure that allows the system to adhere to the user's specific work processes in a flexible and efficient manner, to boost users' core competences. Overall, this system can help businesses transform, achieve core competence and empower the business capabilities of the manufacturing industry.

Download this guidebook to learn more about "Managing" the profit for a food and beverage manufacturer

In this whitepaper, we will explain the costing module of an ERP and its role in helping you achieve your business objective while transforming your operations and organization into a truly SMART factory.


Yokogawa’s one of the trusted partner, Business Engineering has developed this mcframe mission-critical package which provides extraordinary flexibility of the basic functionality to meet the diverse needs of the process manufacturing, assembly and logistics industries. Since its first release in 1996, mcframe has been implemented at over 1,200 clients world-wide. The key modules in mcframe CS are:

Production & Sales Management

Integrated production management systems to enhance the competitive advantage of manufacturing companies. The in-built sales management functions support seamless integration between Sales & Production information. 

Cost Management

Integrated Cost Management system to strongly support business strategy, accounting management and cost control & cost reduction activities. Robust system with cost simulation and planning-oriented cost management capabilities.


Over 600+ satisfied customers across various industries including process/assembly manufacturing, retail and service industries chose mcframe 



Production & Sales Management    

mcframe Production Management includes sales management functions and support seamless integration between sales and production information.

The remarkable functionality of the BOM in Production Management allows the configuration to be switched to suit customer specific requirements. Also, the system is capable to accommodate both mass produced and customized products. The planning and simulation environments can help you detect the Irregularities at an early stage, supporting the decision-making used in determining the next step to be taken. 

mcframe CS Production & Sales Management Modules 

The rich product line-up available in mcframe CS enables you to perform 

Production department
  • Planning & Simulation
  • Shift changes & adjustments
  • Product Information management 
  • Lot tracing 
  • BOM Management 
Sales department
  • Division based Inventory Management
  • Shipment/delivery tracing 
  • Customer requirements management
  • Order status management
  • integrate Sales to Production


Key factors that make mcframe CS a cutting-edge production Management System


  • A comprehensive solution of Production and sales management packed with functions based on widely used manufacturing technologies 
  • Enhancing the system functionalities based on the valuable feedback from over 600+ customers
  • The inbuilt functionalities are sufficient to meet the needs of various levels of executives, managers and operators
  • iPad/iPhone solutions to make enhanced and digitalized manufacturing


  • Supports agile business operations
  • Timely collaboration of sales forecasts and customer orders between sales & production departments 
  • Quick & robust MRP with easy operation of data entry
  • Accelerates PDCA cycle by assessing plan/result and notifying exceptions.


  • By specific industry templates, interface connectors to other systems
  • Developed using “FrameManager” development tool 
  • Continuous developments of the system to enhance the capabilities to strengthen the core operations of the manufacturing companies. 


  • A global Supply Chain Management system which supports multi-languages and multi-currency 
  • Global production system integration & centralization 
  • Widely used in Japan, China, South-East Asia, Americas and other Western Countries 


  • Permanent support for any installed version
  • Support teams well versed with industry expertise and abundant implementation experience 
  • Adequate support and services from partner companies


Providing enhanced competitive advantage for manufacturing companies using mcframe

Cost Management

In the recent global competitive age, it is becoming extremely important to shift the focus from "Cost accounting" to "Strategic Cost Management" in order to be ahead of the serious price competition. 

mcframe is a mission-critical package that merges extraordinary flexibility with basic functionality to meet the diverse needs of the manufacturing industry.

mcframe Cost Management can support you with "providing quick & accurate cost information", "PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle from budget planning to Variance calculations", "simulation environment for management’s decision-making", "Cost-Volume-Profit analysis", "Profit analysis", and so on. These advanced functions are developed based on decades of industry experience and feedback from more than 100 companies. It is also easy to integrate with other external systems.

Core Modules


Four Types of Cost Management Functions

Promote your PDCA practices using the 4 types of costing methods available in mcframe CS Cost Management. 

Standard Costing: 

  • Yield rate and purchase price based Standard Cost simulations 

Budget Costing: 

  • Expense based budget simulations 

Actual Costing: 

  • Cost Variance & Activity based costing Calculations

Hybrid Costing 

  • Keep track of cost differentials on a daily basis


Key Benefits


Support for Multiple Allocation functions                       

Various allocations methods of different departments such as direct allocation method, graded allocation method, and double-distribution method etc. and multiple allocation rules can be used for dynamic allocations of each item. 

Also, possible to set department-specific allocation targets.

Process & Job Costing                       

In addition to the standard process costing, job costing can be performed based on individual segment keys such as Lot numbers. 

Also perform progress verification based on budget variance and create performance budgets for each individual project.

Planning Oriented Cost Simulations                      

Quick & easy simulation of the planning-oriented cost management calculations in the mcframe cost simulation environment. 

Instead of the traditional short-term profit planning with top-down approach, you can use mcframe to prepare ‘usable budget’ -prepared based on the calculations of the budgetary profit and loss by cumulating profit for each individual item, - for analysis.


Ebook Download: Cost Management for F&B Production

Digitalisation Strategies and Challenges in F&B Production: ERP Cost Management

Having served the food and beverage manufacturing industry for many years now, we understand that it is one of the most complex, demanding and competitive industry.

At the back of maintaining healthy profit margins are governmental and health and safety risks. In recent years, we are also seeing customers under pressure from changing customer demands and habits - from healthier eating to ethical and traceability.

In the the past, as a manufacturer, you could rely on a stable product line and supply chain. Today, this may not be the case if you want to remain competitive.

In the past decade or so, you may have invested heavily in automating your factory. Thus, alleviating your labour crunch. This is a great start to transform your factory into a factory with smart manufacturing operations!

In this whitepaper, we will explain the costing module of an ERP and its role in helping you achieve your business objective while transforming your operations and organization into a truly SMART factory.

This whitepaper is written for senior management, finance / accounting professionals, and to some extent for operational heads.

Download this guidebook to learn more about managing profit for a food and beverage manufacturer

Success Stories of mcframe implementation


Food & Beverage Producer

  • MRP accuracy is improved and the workload of the purchasing department is reduced. MRP order rate increased from 18.6% to 96.1%
  • Automated many weighing management tasks with the system, and built a mechanism to improve efficiency and prevent mistakes
  • Efficient inventory management operations in warehouses by using smart devices
  • Promoted cost-reduction improvement activities by calculating actual budget costs and standard costs, and conducting preliminary analysis with actual costs 

Fuel Dispenser Manufacturer

  • Achieved efficient production by taking the tablet terminal away from analog work
  • Realized cost visualization. The calculation speed was also reduced from several hours to 15 minutes.
  • Achieved significant paper reduction and increased operational flexibility through paperless 

Food & Beverage Producer


  • Achieved efficient production by taking the tablet terminal away from analog work
  • Realized cost visualization. The calculation speed was also reduced from several hours to 15 minutes.
  • Achieved significant paper reduction and increased operational flexibility through paperless 

Food & Beverage Producer

  • System integration has reduced annual maintenance costs by nearly half.
  • It became possible to grasp the number of stocks realistically and to prevent shortages and shortages.
  • With the realization of lot management, new employees can now pick up shipping operations. 

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

  • Compliant with laws and regulations, and supports regular inspections by manufacturers
  • Complete operations from production management to sales management and cost management
  • Data change history can be traced
  • Data integration facilitates cost management and analysis 


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