Plant Operation Skills Training & Evaluation System Developed by Omega Simulation and Tokyo Gas Wins the 2021 Japan Gas Association Technology Award

Tokyo, Japan - July 1, 2021

A plant operation skills training and evaluation system developed by Yokogawa Electric Corporation subsidiary Omega Simulation Co., Ltd. in conjunction with Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd has won the Technology Award in the Gas Technology category of The Japan Gas Association 2021 awards. This award has been presented to developers of technology that is innovative or considered to contribute to the promotion and increased use of gas by The Japan Gas Association since 1986. This time the award was given jointly to Omega Simulation and Tokyo Gas.

The 2021 Japan Gas Association Technology Award

Gas is an important part of society's infrastructure. Safe and secure operation of gas-related facilities is essential in order to ensure a stable supply, and as such, there is a strong requirement to maintain and enhance the skills of the operators who operate these facilities. Operators must be able to make the right decision and respond using the correct procedure not only under normal circumstances but also when problems occur.

This training and evaluation system for plant operation skills uses new technologies such as eye tracking and voice recognition, and automatically scores and evaluates trainee performance objectively and quantitatively in the five evaluation categories of operation procedures, process variation, operational stability, visual confirmation, and vocal confirmation.

The system outputs the results of training content as a report in radar chart format so the operators undergoing training can see the strengths and weaknesses in their own operational skills. Furthermore, given that trainers can provide reliable, evidence-based feedback to trainees for each evaluation category, the system can be expected to promote the development of trainees.

The results of training content as a report in radar chart format

The award-winning system achieves automatic evaluation of a trainee's general plant operation skills, which enables efficient and effective acquisition of skills, and contributes to the transfer of knowledge, skills, and abilities from highly experienced operators to new operators, which is an issue that has been viewed as a major challenge in recent years.


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