Turbidity Analyzers

Although turbidity analyzers was developed for controlling and monitoring drinking water, a turbidity measurement is also required in wastewater plant more and more to achieve sustainable society. Yokogawa started turbidity business since 1959, and our analyzers supplying safety water and saving water pollution around the world. You can find the best solution thanks to excellent technologies proven by experiences.

Application for new Turbidity Analyzers

Target application Application detail TB820D TB830D
Water purification plant Tap water/municipal water/drinking water/potable water ✓(*2)
Raw water N/A
Industrial water Same level of drinking water
Food & Beverage Water measurement for beer/soft drinks/juice
Disinfectant / Sanitizer - -
Wastewater treatment Discharge point (*1) (*1)
Treatment plant, coagulation N/A
Process industries as Bleaching agent Chemicals, Pharma, Textiles, Pulp and  Paper - -
Desalination plant After RO membrane
Drinking water ✓(*2)

(*1) If allowed by correlation between SS and Turbidity
(*2) If EPA, ISO is not required


  • Right Angle Scattered Light Turbidity Detector TB820D

    The TB820D is a next-generation digital Turbidity analyzer and connects to FLXA402T. TB820D turbidity analyzer equipped LED as a light source, flat window structure cell, new diagnostic functions, ultrasonic cleaning, etc., and they will reduce your maintenance time dramatically.

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  • Surface Scattering Light Turbidity Detector TB830D

    Turbidity Detector TB830D utilizes a surface scattered light measurement.
    This non-contact method is less susceptible to contamination, reducing maintenance while realizing high efficiency in facility operations with our latest digital sensor technology.
    The technology of predictive maintenance prevents accidental shutdown and reduces OPEX.

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Use of Right Angle Scattered Light Turbidity Detector TB820D and Surface Scattering Light Turbidity Detector TB830D

The main differences between TB820D and TB830D are shown in the table below.

Specification TB820D TB830D
Measuring method Right angle scattered light method Surface scattering method
Measuring Range
(Turbidity standard:Formazin)
0-0.2 to 0-500 NTU (660 nm)
0-0.2 to 0-700 FNU/NTU (860 nm/ Compliant standard: ISO7027)
0-2 to 0-2000 NTU (White LED)
0-2 to 0-2000 FNU/NTU (860 nm)
Sample Conditions (Flow Rate) 0.05 to 20 L/min 1.5 to 2 L/min
Head tank Pressurized head tank for low turbidity (for 2 NTU or less) 
Simple head tank (for over 2 NTU to 10 NTU) 
Head tank (for over 2 NTU) 
Head tank
(optional: Air denoising for Low Range)
Cleaning system Ultrasonic cleaning, automatic wash Automatic wash

The TB820D is suitable for measuring tap water and purified water.
The TB830D is suitable for measuring raw water, sewage and wastewater.



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