Turbidity Analyzers

Although turbidity analyzers were developed for controlling and monitoring drinking water, a turbidity measurement is also required in wastewater plants to achieve sustainability society. Yokogawa started its turbidity business in 1959, and our analyzers supply safe water and reduce water pollution around the world. Find the best turbidity control system solution here thanks to excellent technologies proven by experience.

Applications For Turbidity Analyzers

Target application Application detail TB820D TB400G
Water purification plant Tap water/municipal water/drinking water/potable water N/A
Raw water N/A
Industrial water Same level of drinking water N/A
Acceptable application Application detail    
Food & Beverage Water measurement for beer/soft drinks/juice N/A
Disinfectant / Sanitizer N/A N/A
Wastewater treatment Discharge point (*1) N/A
Treatment plant, coagulation N/A N/A
Process industries as Bleaching agent Chemicals, Pharma, Textiles, Pulp and  Paper N/A N/A
Desalination plant After RO membrane N/A N/A
Drinking water N/A N/A

(*1) If allowed by correlation between SS and Turbidity



What Is a Turbidity Analyzer?

Turbidity analyzers control and monitor water quality.

Turbidity analyzer working Principle: Turbidity refers to the optical property of a liquid's clarity. The more material that exists in water, the more light scatters when shined through the water sample. For example, microscopic particles like clay, silt, and other fine undissolved matter promote the growth of microorganisms and pathogens, potentially inhibiting chlorination to purify water. Therefore, turbidity testing equipment such as industrial turbidity sensors/turbidity transmitters can help prevent potential health hazards.

Industrial Turbidity Sensors

Yokogawa's industrial automation and control business OpreX offers a chlorine and turbidity measurement platform, SENCOM 4.0 with the digital SMART chlorine and turbidity sensor solution.

Industrial Applications of a Turbidity Analyzer

  • Water purification plants
  • Industrial water
  • Food and beverage
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Process industries bleaching agent
  • Desalination plants    

Benefits of a Turbidity Analyzer

Turbidity measurement is an important water quality indicator that supplies quick, accurate, and continuous information. This helps ensure water is safe and clean for drinking and other purposes.

In particular, the TB820D turbidity probe has an LED light source, flat window structure cell, new diagnostic functions, ultrasonic cleaning, and more, dramatically reducing maintenance time.



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