Controlling a pharmaceutical sterilizer/pasteurizer


Performing control while changing the set point temperature moment by moment is called running a program pattern (or simply running a program). Sterilization and pasteurization require maintaining specific temperatures for specific durations. The UP55A/UP35A Program Controllers not only control the raising and lowering of temperature, but also let you create programs that can reliably maintain achieved temperatures for specific lengths of time regardless of weather-influenced outside temperature fluctuations. The UP55A/UP35A Program Controllers have many program patterns, and can therefore be switched according to the type of pharmaceutical.

One program pattern consists of multiple program segments.
The time to pass through each segment is specified with a segment time or a ramp. You can specify program pattern repetitions or start/stop, and status output (event output).

  UP55A UP35A UP35A with the /AP option
Max. patterns 30 2 4
Max. segments per pattern 99 20 40
Total segments 300 20 40

*1: PV transfer to the recorder is possible with a 4-20 mA signal, or digitally through communication.

Controlling a pharmaceutical sterilizer/pasteurizer

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